Does Your Coffee Pass The Test? 6 Things You Can Improve On Today

To a lot of people, a morning seems impossible without a cup of coffee, but how good is that cup of coffee really? So many factors go into it, depending on what kind of coffee you like to consume  – even if you are a black coffee with no sugar kind of person, there are still crucial elements you need to consider in order to make your coffee taste good!  Here are 6 ways you can improve your coffee today!

1.Add less sugar

Adding less sugar to your coffee is not only a healthier option for you, but it will also make your coffee taste better. Sure, if you dislike the bitterness, it’s normal that you would gravitate towards a sweetener – but don’t rely too much on it. If you can, switch white sugar with brown sugar, and try to lessen the intake as much as possible. Add other ingredients that can help with the taste and you are good to go! Your coffee shouldn’t taste like a milkshake, to begin with, so keep that in mind!

2.Switch to a non-dairy coffee

For those who prefer drinking ice coffee or just coffee with milk in general, it’s quite impossible to imagine going back to drinking regular coffee, but you can switch it up a bit and make it better! Why not replace cow milk  with a plant-based one? Popular alternatives are soy milk, almond milk, and even rice milk! Not only is this opinion healthier and better for the environment, it actually tastes way better. Especially if you get plant-based milk that’s not sweetened, you can truly taste the coffee as the mild doesn’t camouflage it, allowing it to hold its true taste!

3.Quality first

If there is something that people look past, it’s the differences in brands of coffee – which is ironically one of the most important factors in making a tasty cup of coffee! Not all coffee brands are the same, as well as the coffee itself, there are so many different kinds of coffee from all over the world. But one thing is clear as you can see at Black Ink Coffee , the quality of the coffee itself should be taken quite seriously. People are quick to purchase any brand that’s at their local supermarket, without even realizing the quality of the coffee itself – once you take a sip of real coffee, you’ll always be able to differentiate good coffee from bad one!

4.Learn how to brew it correctly

Brewing your coffee correctly can actually make a difference and change the way your coffee tastes! You need to boil the water enough, but also learn the right temperature – so your coffee doesn’t end up tasting too bitter. A lot of people resent coffee because of the bitterness and try to mask it with other tastes and sweeteners, but in reality, the right coffee shouldn’t be bitter! Also, add the right amount of coffee and the right amount of water, so it doesn’t end up tasting too strong or too watered down – adjust it to your liking!

5.Make it organic

Instead of adding things that are harmful to you, and on top of that taste bad – you should opt for healthy, alternative options instead! Cinnamon is a great topping, it’s rich, it tastes amazing yet it’d not be sweet so it won’t overthrow the true taste of your coffee. But on the other hand, if you do have a sweet tooth, instead of gravitating towards sugar and artificial sweeteners, try to add cocoa for a better taste! Milk can also be bought organic, regardless of if it’s cow mild or a plant-based one, so keep that in mind the next time you buy it!

6.Avoid artificial flavors

Back in the day, black coffee with sugar was the drink to have, but nowadays there are so many variations, it’s hard to even name them all! But this kind of variety comes with a price, as a lot of  artificial flavors and toppings are not the best – coffee that tastes like cookies or strawberry cake sounds like heaven but it’s not worth the price your health pays later on! You can have these special drinks occasionally, but they are not recommended for constant use, especially if you drink coffee every day!

Coffee is coffee at the end of the day, everyone has their preference! But with that being said you should stick to keeping your coffee healthy and improving the quality of your daily drink! Why go and spend money in coffee shops, when you can make your perfect coffee at home? Try out different ways you can make it and use more ingredients to suit your taste, it’ll be worth it!

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