Dance Tours – 5 of the best places to get your groove on

Dance tours are they a thing and if so where are the best places to get your groove on? OK, so we can’t travel now, well at least I can’t even though I have been vaccinated in one of the most vaccinated countries on earth. I’m in Cambodia in can you wondered.

To read the Our World in Data site related to vaccine rates click here.

But in the old days we did travel and indeed we did dance, so are there some extreme countries for extreme dance tours and dance tourism? Can The Street Food Guy bust and groove and throw in some street foodery too? Yes to all of the above!

Dance tours in Cuba

Dance Tours
Dance Tours

I thought I would start with a nice easy one! Cubans love to dance and my goodness can they do it well, like embarrassingly well. I literally refuse to dance in Cuba because I would look like  a twat.

You can read bout living on a dollar a day in Cuba here

Dance Tours in In Ibiza

Sadly I missed the whole Ibiza thing as a youngster, only ending up once there on the cruise ship I was working on. Definitely a place you can dance.

Do disco biscuits count as street food?

Dance Tours in North Korea

Dance Tours
Dance Tours

OK, so there is only one nightclub, but it is not really a nightclub, but you can definitely dance there. They also have mass dances which is where loads of people dance. You can dance tour in the DPRK

To read about street food in North Korea click here

Dance Tours in Transnistria

I previously lived in Transnsitria, like for real, you can read about it here . They have bars and clubs and you get to dance in an unrecognized country. Dance touring unrecognizedd countries is definitely a YPT thing.

To read about unrecognized countries click here

Dance tours in Afghanistan

Too soon? Perhaps. This is a bit of a sad one really. We used to run epic tours to Afghanistan, which of course has wonderful street food and food in general. We did not ever do all that much dancing, but at least we could if we wanted to.

Now the Taliban have all but taken over the country dancing has now been banned, like for real. Maybe tourism will return to Afghanistan, but dance tours probably not.

And that is the Street Food Guy’s take on Dance Tours, Street Food and how to marry them together.

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