Countries 151, and 152

I’m not gonna debate if Guam is a country. OK I will. Is Guam a country? They are not incorporated into the United States, they have their own language, visa regime, and are members of the IOC and FIFA. Guam counts by my rules of engagement. I cleared customs and immigration, went outside, smoked a cigarette, and took a photo. It wasn’t my best episode of country collecting, but sometimes you gotta fight dirty.

Sunset in Guam

Country 152,  was to be a little more on the normal side, and after 2 or so hours in Guam we boarded the flight to Chuuk. Chuuk is a very cool little airport that let you smoke almost next to the planes. I’m a Chuuk fan and make no mistake!

Chuuk is actually due to have an independence referendum in 2020, and could, theoretically at least be the worlds newest country, depending on how New Caledonia, and Bougainville fair (also in the Pacific).

Chuuk to Pohnpei is a quick affair, made slightly slower by me watching Hobbs and Shaw, which was utter shit. I digress as always.

On arrival in Micronesia it unsurprisingly reminded be a little of Majuro of the Marshall Islands, even the way the bags came out.

Riding to and dealing with the hotel was very much island style and island time, with Christmas meaning our lunch was Ramen noodles……not exactly turkey.

For dinner our hotel decided to treat us, i went for double egg cheeseburger as they inexplicably no fish. Well it was free at least, and if nothing else a slightly more memorable end to Christmas Day, my first Christmas in the Pacific Islands.

Countries 151, and 152 well and truly reached and breached. Merry Christmas y’all.

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