Bundaberg, or Bundy as it affectionally known is the creator of one of the best rums in the world, as well as an artisan in the world of soft drinks.

Bundaberg is a city to the south-east of Queensland just under 400 miles fro the state capital of Brisbane. It is also the main sugar cane growing region of Australia, not to be confused with “Australia” in Cuba, which is their main sugar cane growing area (freaky eh).

Being a sugar cane growing area it was inevitable that at some point someone would have the idea of making rum, something that happened over 130 years ago when Bundabergs now famous/infamous Bundaberg Original Rum was first produced. Of course, they produce many over rums now, with me personally being able to verify that the overproof get you very drunk. Whilst Bundaberg rum is affectionately known as “Bundy” it is less affectionately known as a wife-beater, due to its strength, and proclivity to make fine gentlemen into angry gentlemen.

Is Bundaberg the worlds best rum?

Well, they claim to be the worlds best rum, and have won the following awards;

    Bundaberg Blenders Edition 2015 was awarded World’s Best Rum, 2016

    Bundaberg Rum Small Batch won World’s Best Gold Rum, 2016

    Bundaberg Rum Solera won World’s Best Dark Rum, 2017

But, with that being said Tanduay Rum of the Philippines also claims to be the best rum in the world, it really isn’t. Bundy would probably make my top-ten were I to produce a list one day, something I will probably do. Coronavirus means a lot of time spent indoors writing……

But, and here is where it gets interesting, tired of merely making the world drunk Bundaberg decided they would create a Ginger Beer! I freaking love ginger beer, and I say this wholeheartedly Bundaberg Ginger Beer is the best in the world? Who makes the best ginger beer in the world? It is Bundaberg.

They have since expanded into a real artisans range that includes root beer, lemon-lime and bitters, guava, blood orange, and even peach. These are extremely popular in cocktails, and whilst far from the cheapest on the market, are so high in quality the extra expense is more than justified.

And all this from a 130-year-old company still run by the same family, the Flemings in case you were wondering, and thankfully available the world over (I have even seen it in China).

The Street Food Guy is a Bundy man!

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