Best Western Causeway Bay

There’s a lot that has changed in Hong Kong, previously touted as one of the freest places on earth, it now comes with a lot of baggage. There’s constant propaganda on the TV, riots and to be honest a kind of sadness in the air.

The only and only good thing to come has been that the previously unaffordable hotels are now cheap as chips, so if you’re not easily scared, it’s a great time to visit Hong Kong.

How much does the Best Western Causeway Bay cost?

Usually, it costs $150 a night, but currently, a room can be as little as $20. It’s cheaper than renting an apartment.

What’s the location of the Best Western Causeway Bay?

Well, it’s Causeway Bay, but also walking distance to Wan Chai, Hong Kong’s centre of sin!

What are the rooms like?

They’re small but cozy and very much livable!

Is there street food?

Of course, there is! Wan Chai has some of the best street food in Hong Kong, and even around the peripheries of the Best Western is some classic Hong Kong fare.

Obviously we hope the economy of Hong Kong improves as soon as possible but until then? Cheap hotels are where it’s at.

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