Best restaurant on Koh Toch Beach?

Where’s the best restaurant on Koh Toch Beach? If you are the best restaurant on Koh Toch, then you are basically the best restaurant on Koh Rong. When it comes to eating on Koh Toch and indeed Koh Rong, Treehouse Bungalows is the closest there is to fine dining on this small piece of paradise.

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The food scene on Koh Toch

When it comes to Koh Rong you have to remember a few things! Firstly it’s an island paradise, this means that you are not going to get the creature comforts of Phnom Penh for example. Things move slower and in general you should accept that nothing can go to plan all of the time.

Food wise things are far from eclectic, there’s a number of western restaurants on the seafront by the pier, such as Buffalo and Runaways, some Khmer fare and increasingly more restaurants catering to the omnipresent Chinese clientele that are seemingly taking over the island. All of it is very decent, but not exactly what you’d call fine dining….

Can you do fine dining on Koh Rong

Koh Rong itself has a number of high end resorts, but when it comes to Koh Toch beach the closest you will get to fine dining is Treehouse Bungalows.

Where is Treehouse Bungalows?

Arrive at Koh Toch “Town” head right and keep walking until you get to a big sign saying Treehouse Bungalows. If it’s not raining this is a nice leisurely walk. It is just past the equally good White Beach Resort, which is another great Koh Rong Hotel.

On arrival you’re greeted by a real jungle setting (inclusive of monkeys), numerous dogs and actual Treehouse Bungalows, like really in the trees.

Treehouse bar and restaurant Koh Toch

The bar and best restaurant Koh Toch are located slap bang on the resorts private beach, with a huge “indoor” dining area, but more importantly a few great spots to watch the ocean, sunsets and full moons as you eat and drink.

Treehouse Bungalows menu in Koh Rong

The menu is huge and eclectic, with western, Chinese, Khmer and a wonderful BBQ menu. This means that prices go from cheap and reasonable to truly high end. You can get a cheap squid stir fry and draft beer for $6.25, or there’s a tomahawk steak for $97.

The only clay pot oven in Cambodia

Treehouse have a huge staff which includes carpenters! They’ve managed to make their own clay pot oven, which we’ve been assured is not only the only one in Koh Rong, but apparently in the whole of Cambodia. We got to witness a whole lamb being cooked like this. Look, taste and ambience of a clay oven roasted lamb are pretty hard to beat.

best restaurant on Koh Toch - clay oven on Koh Toch
Clay pot oven Koh Rong

Best BBQ in Koh Rong

So there’s budget and expensive, but also the fabulous BBQ menu here that hits a real middle ground. A whole chicken good for 4 people, complete with pickles, salad, rice and potatoes for 30 bucks. Aside from chicken there’s everything else you’d expect from a beachside BBQ including a lot of fresh fish.

best restaurant on Koh Rong
Koh Rong BBQ Treehouse Bungalows

Koh Rong nightlife at Treehouse

These are coronavirus times, so you have to take the rough with the smooth. The lack of tourists means that things are cheaper, but there are less people. The bar at Treehouse seems to be the place to be though as the sun starts to set. Despite a lack of tourists there’s a vibrant expat scene here, all of whom seem to descend here for the cheap beers and cocktails and to chat about island life. Expats can be notoriously like a clique, but that is not the case here. Even if you’re travelling alone you’ll feel welcomed at the bar.

Full moon Treehouse Bungalows Koh Rong

So is Koh Rong worth visiting?

With the lack of tourism currently in Cambodia there’s hardly a ton of places to go. Siem Reap is not doing well and Phnom Penh is a big dangerous dirty city. Koh Rong though is still a little slice of paradise. You get to drink on a private beach, enjoy sea views from treehouses, eat great food and have monkeys go through your trash! I like monkeys.

Koh Rong Monkeys

The best restaurant in Koh Rong? Treehouse Bungalows

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