Popular Food Apps That You Might Want to Check Out

The most prominent reason for why the food industry across the world is growing at an exponential rate is technology. Technology is getting cheaper, and devices are getting smaller, and more people than ever before are using smart devices. Combine this with the fact that high-speed internet is now available in more regions around the world than ever before thanks to 4G, and it makes sense why we have over 4 billion people visiting the world wide web on a daily basis.

The other reason was/is covid. During lockdowns, a lot of people started cooking at home, but after that fad fizzled out people were back to ordering food, and with much more frequency than before.

You might think that all this demand would give rise to more restaurants popping up and more food delivery services to come into existence, and it did, but that wasn’t all.

Developers got really creative with the way that they designed food apps and the things that users were able to do through these humble food ordering bots. Everyone can order food through an app, write a review, and learn how to cook something at home, but some apps will even allow you to invest money while you order food. Moreover, some apps that weren’t really known for their ‘food-iness’ moved towards this industry and incorporated services that caught the attention of those guilty of gluttony.

Here are some of the most popular, and interesting, food apps you should look into.

1.  Zomato

This app has an interesting and entertaining take on the whole food ordering process. It combines elements of gambling and basically restructures the restaurant filters in a way that you input your food preferences, and then hit spin, and the app comes up with a list of restaurants that meet your ‘tastes’. It has all the regular information like the menu, the reviews, the way there and photos. This isn’t really a diet-focused app, it’s just meant to help you narrow down restaurants according to what you are in the mood for, but maybe looking for certain foods will help you stick to your diet.

2.  Acorns

Considering that we need to eat every day and that we don’t like to eat the same thing again and again, and that food apps offer a lot of options, it can be bad for your wallet if you are addicted to ordering food. The team at Food.Porn is concerned about your taste buds and your financial well-being, which is why they recommend you also set aside some money to invest. Acorns make this a whole lot easier as it allows you to invest the change that you get from ordering food. So all the pennies and quarters and fractional sums of money that are left over after you have ordered a meal can be invested into a wide portfolio using the Acorns app. What a profitable meal.

3.  Trip Advisor

One of the most frequently used and best-rated travel apps is now doing for restaurants what it does for tourist destinations. This isn’t something that Trip Advisor actively worked towards, but with its reach in so many countries, it turns out that the food reviews on this app are one of the best in the world. Trip Advisor is regarded as the top authority in the tourism space when it comes to reviews and travel advice, largely due to its sheer size and the volume of information available on the platform. The company uses its base of loyal review contributors to make room for itself in the food market. So far, it has been quite successful in this endeavor as well.

4.  Chefs Feed

This app is a really interesting review platform. Rather than taking information from people who love to eat, it displays the reviews posted by people who love to cook, by the top chefs in the world. To many people, it seems far more interesting to eat at a place that has been reviewed by a well-known chef and has been qualified by a person from the culinary industry as a good place to eat. At the end of the day, it is still a food review platform, but a change in the reviewing authority makes all the difference.

Popular Food Apps

Even for people who don’t usually like to order food and aren’t foodies in the typical sense, they can still gain a lot of value from these apps. More than just being fun to use free services, they actually offer a lot of information and functionality. If nothing else, they could be a great place where you could vent your frustrations and disappointments about food and know that the information you have provided will be put to good use.

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