Best Budget Hotel on Koh Rong

Where is the best budget hotel on Koh Rong? We got you covered!

Koh Rong, or to be more specific, the capital and “party area” of Koh Toch has a lot of choices when it comes to accommodation. These range from dorms that will cost as little as a few dollars per night, to fan rooms that will set you back around $10.

Keep in mind that these prices are on the theory of it not only not being a holiday, but the fact that during coronavirus and the effectual lockdown of Cambodia, things are a lot cheaper than they usually would be.

Hotel vs beach hut

Most accommodation on Koh Toch doesn’t actually fall under the umbrella of hotel, although n Koh Toch Town there are indeed a few hotels, but more in resorts and beach huts.

Best budget hotel on Koh Rong

Keep in mind that the term resort seems to be banded around quite liberally on Koh Rong, and to qualify you seemingly need to just have A) Accommodation and B) sell beer.

Budget hotel on Koh Toch

With this in mind the cheapest places to stay in Koh Tock and Koh Rong are either ind dorms, or $10 hotel rooms in town, but cheapest obviously does not always mean best.

If you are going to travel to a tropical island, probably the least you can do is stay in a beach hut.

It is also worth remembering that the situation with prices is a constantly changing thing on Koh Rong, with season and availability all playing a big factor when it comes to the budget conscious.

Beach Hut vs Jungle Hut

And this where price and value really seem to kick in. Koh Rong Hotel prices are all about location and facilities, which is what leads us to Treehouse Bungalows.

Budget Hotel on Koh Rong

Treehouse Bungalows considers itself a resort, rather than a hotel and to give them their credit they have huge restaurant, a bar, a pier and an actual private beach (of sorts).

Koh Toch View

They also have a range of accommodation which includes high end actual treehouse’s. Yes you can stay in an actual treehouse on Koh Rong to their budget jungle houses!

Treehouse Bungalows Jungle House

Budget Hotel Koh Rong - Beware of the monkeys!

A nice big bed, a balcony that will be infested with monkeys if you leave food out and but a mere 5-10 minutes walk from the bar. OK, you are not on the beach, for for $15 a night you can at least see the beach and are in easy access of it.

So, for that and the excellent restaurant I decree the Jungle Huts at Treehouse Bungalows as the best budget hotel room on Koh Toch and indeed the whole of Koh Rong.

Check out their website, which is currently going through a big update.

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