6 Reasons Cabins Are the Best Travel Accommodation

From a luxurious mountain lodge overlooking deep blue waters to a humble tree house nestled in a mountain forest, some of us long to escape in the sheer bliss of nature more than ever. As the holiday season approaches, you will buzz with excitement to escape your strenuous routine for a while. However, it might not turn out to be as exciting if you feel homesick the next day.

Deciding on accommodation needs as much consideration as planning your itinerary. For instance, if your travel to the scenic town of Pigeon Forge in Tennessee, with all the fun activities for an adrenaline fix, a quiet and private accommodation will help you relax and delve into the solace of nature at the end of the day. So if you want a home away from home for a while, the cabins are your missing piece to a perfect vacation! Here are some reasons you should opt for cabins to make your dream holidays come true.

  • Picturesque Surroundings:

Who wouldn’t want to wake up surrounded by a gorgeous view of the Smoky Mountains rather than the noise and smoke of the traffic? Hotels are usually located in populated areas. Enveloped in scenic views and fresh air, rental cabins will offer every opportunity to bathe in the soothing power of nature.

If you are visiting the beautiful mountain town of Pigeon Forge, a breathtaking view of the Smoky Mountains from your accommodation is absolutely essential for a great trip. You will have staggering choices even within cabins since each has a unique feel and vibe. So to choose the one that matches your criteria, you can browse through the Pigeon Forge TN cabin rentals and enjoy the jaw-dropping view of mountains in a serene environment. You can wake up at the brink of dawn and enjoy a cup of coffee on the balcony or porch overlooking the scenic views and bask in the morning sunshine. You may also curl beside a fireplace and watch the colorful evening sky turn dark and starry. At night, away from the blinding lights of the city, you can indulge in stargazing outside your cabin and enjoy a breathtaking milky way that will stay before your eyes for a long time.

  • Activities and Amenities:

When you’re not roaming around the beautiful town of Pigeon Forge, why not have some fun in your cabin? Staying indoors does not mean you have to spend dull moments. Rental cabins offer various amenities and activities for you to enjoy. Many come with luxuries like a hot tub and a fully equipped kitchen for quality me-time. You can even bring your furry best friends, as most cabins are pet-friendly!

Apart from providing quality laidback time, cabins also come with proximity to exciting activities like ziplining, fishing, swimming, horse riding, and game rooms. Some units also have outdoor equipment, such as a boat, so you won’t have to rent anything.

  • Peacefulness:

Peace and serenity are the hallmarks of the Smoky Mountains that you should try not to miss out on. So if you want to make a dash from the urban sprawl, the cabins are your go-to place. After all, what good are vacations without experiencing peacefulness in solitude and detoxifying your mind, something you can never do in a hotel room? Hotels are busy and often crammed with guests. With a constant noise buzzing in your ears, your time in a hotel room might not be a picture of the perfect vacation you imagined. Secluded in the wilderness and hidden from noisy highways and neighbors, rental cabins provide a quiet atmosphere that can do wonders for your mental health. It also means you can have a sound sleep after a tiring day, with no disturbances of guests walking past the late hours of the night.

  • Affordable Rates:

As much as vacations sound appealing, their expenses can leave you financially wrecked if you are not careful with your spending. Although it may be hard to believe, staying in a cabin can cost you less if you play your cards right. A cabin will cater to all your needs, and you can also cook in your kitchen, saving you money on food. If traveling with a group, you can split the costs with everyone to make it more affordable. Moreover, living in a cabin means your entire family will be under one roof, which can save you some dollars.

  • Privacy:

Moving away from home does not mean you have to compromise on your privacy. With all the place to yourself in a cabin, you are at liberty to do anything without any disturbance. You also won’t have to worry about disturbing other guests or neighbors since the place will be yours until the end of the vacation. So whether you are on a romantic getaway, a work trip, or looking for quality time with your family, you will have complete privacy in a cabin.

  • No Hassle of Packing Heavy Bags of Vacation Gear:

Packing and carrying your vacation gear is one of the most challenging parts of going on a holiday. You might have to carry a lot of vacation gear if you stay in a hotel since it will not help you with these essentials. However, you can lean down on your packing when renting a cabin. You can cut off cumbersome items from your packing list, such as tents, sleeping bags, camp chairs, etc. Take a look at your rental package and carry only those essentials missing from it.


The primary purpose of your vacation is to return home with replenished energy and rejuvenated spirits, something you can only achieve in a suitable environment. When comparing the pros of rental cabins with other lodging options, the former will have the upper hand due to the location, amenities, privacy, and scenic surroundings. It is the value and not the price that should take precedence. Which lodging option offers more value to its customers? Vacation cabins will turn out to have higher value when the benefits are stacked up against other lodging options. So instead of compromising on your vacation experience, choose a perfect cabin, and find your home away from home!


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