Top Pacific Island Bars

Drinkies are right up there with street food when it comes to my priorities. I’ve therefore decided to put together my favorite bars in all the Pacific Islands we visit, extra helpful if you are not planning on spending too much time on them.

Best bar in Palau

I’m going to go out on a limb and opt for Kramer’s bar, nice vibe, the local draft (cock) beer, and a lopsided pool table. Open until 3 am, or the last man standing.

Best bar in Micronesia – Mangrove Bar

Located on the ocean with a good food menu (sushi), and a local rum at $8 for a big tall glass. Great views, with a relaxed vibe.

Best bar in Majuro

The Pub, literally that’s the name, the pub Majuro! Live music, and locals getting their drink on. Small cover charge, but worth the effort. Walking distance from Marshall Islands Resort (MIR), a better hotel option than Hotel Robert Reimers!

Best bar in Nauru

Well, when there are only 4 bars you stand a good chance of winning. A toss-up between Bayview, and Jules Bar, but one reality if you stay in Nauru you’re liable to visit both (as well as the other two bars).

Best bar in Nadi (airport)

Ironically one of the top attractions in Nadi is the airport lounge! So, when in Rome eh! The Fiji Airways lounge has rosemary chicken, garlic potatoes and sparkling wine. Hotel wise I stayed at Ace Airport Hotel, very good for the money, and with a pool and bar. Eight percent whiskey and coke cans went down very well.

Best bar in Honiara

I did enjoy the Honiara yacht club, but you cannot best Honiara Hotel for a pure good old wow factor. It’s a weird old place, but not only was it good enough for the Royals, but Tommy Chan is a wonderful host!

Girl dancing in Honiara

Best bar in Funafuti (Tuvalu)?

Tefota bar and mini-mart is a bit of a legend when it comes to having a drink on the island of Funafuti. It doubles up as a bar, kinda club, bottle shop, and the place to hang out in Tuvalu. It’s opposite the horrendously overrated 3T’s restaurant, as well as the Avarau Café, home of the best coffee, food, and people in Tuvalu.

Best bar in Samoa?

We had about 15 hours in Samoa and Apia, so whilst I’d hardly decree myself the expert of the Samoan bar scene, we did discover the Apia Yacht Club. I went all out on raw tune, going for a poke, okra, and sashimi. Pretty cheap, and Samoan beer is pretty good.

Best bar in Tonga (Nuku’alofa)?

The last one on the list, and the most famous in the capital of Tonga, Billfish Bar, and Restaurant. At happy hour shots cost a mere $1.25. We certainly indulged. Great food (including a dog). They even have a dartboard!

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