Colombian breakfast, which consists of freshly baked croissants and bread of different flavors and types, and, of course, a cup of Colombian coffee will leave you feeling full and craving for more. Colombia is known to be home to one of the best pastries in the world due to the combination of fresh and unique ingredients that cannot be found anywhere else.

Many of these ingredients are exported and distributed across the world to provide people with a taste of their delicacy. In the USA, many Colombian cafes offer Colombian bakery items, but one of the best places to try Colombian bakery items is Mecatos Café and Bakery.

Mecatos Café and Bakery.

Mecatos Café and Bakery are located in Orlando, Florida. It is a Colombian Bakery and Café that serves all Colombian delicacies such as coffee and pastries. They serve over 50 types of bread, pastries, and cakes made from scratch in the house. Their freshly made pastries and bread give you a hot bite of the best Colombian ingredients, and of course, with a combination of Colombian coffee, you will have the best Colombian breakfast ever.

They have various branches in Orlando, such as Waterford Lakes, Lake Underhill, Downtown, Lake Nona, and MetroWest, with a new ranch soon to open on Hansel Avenue. If you wish to have any of their bakery items delivered, you can just place your order, and it will get delivered through UberEATS, DoorDash, or GrubHub.

Colombian Bakery items to try.

1. Quesitos.

This pastry is made from puff pastry dough wrapped with a sweetened cream cheese filling. The pastries are usually baked first and then brushed with a sugar glaze.

2. Corazones/elephant ear

As the name suggests, this pastry looks like an elephant’s ear. This pastry is normally dip-fried and dusted with powdered sugar to sweeten it.

3. Bizcochuelo.

This light cake is made with egg white, flour, and sugar. Sometimes they are not made with egg yolks.

4. Flan

Flan cake is mostly made with condensed milk, four eggs, and a layer of leche flan that is placed on top, and drizzled with caramel syrup.

5. Pan Trenza

This is a braided pastry that contains fruits or other fillings and is made with flour, sugar, salt, and yeast.

6. Cannoli.

Cannoli is a tube-shaped pastry filled with sweet cream such as Dulche De Leche. The pastry is mainly fried to give it a crispy taste.

7. Mallorca.

This is a spiral-shaped sweet pastry that is made with yeast combined with eggs and lard.

8. Mogolla

This is a small, sweet bread produced in Colombia that is hand sized and round at the top with a flat bottom. They are mainly made of whole wheat or cornmeal.

9. Almojabanas.

This is a bun-shaped bread with a tart taste made with cuajada white cheese and cornmeal flour.

10. Pan De Bono.

This is a type of bread that is made of cassava starch, cheese, eggs, and guava jams. It is mainly baked and consumed with hot chocolate.


If you want to try some Colombian bakery items, the above are some of the best pastries. They are made of rich Colombian ingredients, and they are best accompanied by a cup of hot chocolate or Colombian coffee. You can get all the above at Mecatos Café and Bakery.


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