Time-Saving Recipes You Can Try with Air Fryer

In addition to the well-known potatoes, there are a multitude of foods that can be cooked in a hot air fryer. Since you have reached this page, you also want to diversify your menu and wonder what can be cooked in a hot air fryer except for potatoes, chicken wings, or wings.

The hot air fryer works like the electric oven, only smaller. So, in the hot air fryer, we can cook almost everything in the oven as long as the interior space allows us, but above all, we can cook almost everything called “ fried food “ only in a healthier way.

  • A good air fryer, like this model, comes with some specific advantages, among which we can list:
  • It cooks food much faster than the oven;
  • It consumes less electricity;
  • It needs very little or no oil at all;
  • It allows us to eat healthily;
  • The dish will come out crispy on the outside and tender on the inside
  • It is a mobile accessory, and we can use it wherever we have access to a socket;
  • It takes up little space;
  • Potatoes, thighs, and wings have an incomparable taste.

To help you with more cooking options, here are the easy air fryer recipes:

  • Frozen products that lend themselves to cooking in a pan or oven can be cooked simply in a hot air fryer. Whether talking about nuggets or muffins, both types can be cooked in a hot air fryer.
  • French fries — Whether we buy frozen potatoes or fresh potatoes, with a bit of attention, we will make some amazing potatoes. We can cut the potatoes into strips or cubes, grease them with a teaspoon of oil, add spices, and mix well, then put them in the fryer. Depending on the fryer you have, they might be the best fries you’ve ever eaten!
  • Meatballs — We used to eat meatballs only in a pan in an oil bath. But since I adopted a healthier lifestyle, I made them flat, not balls and put them on the baking sheet in the oven. This way, we eat healthier. But now, since we have the fryer, we make them round again, and with the help of the fryer, everything happens much faster… and it seems they are tastier.
  • Ribs and wings — These, plus fries are the essential elements cooked in hot air fryers and the foods that made fryers so famous. Chicken legs and wings come out incredibly tasty in the air fryer.
  • Bread, French baguettes, and buns — Some fryers come with special containers in which the bread is baked, and in the fryers that do not have special containers, we can insert smaller trays inside, and the bread will come out just as good. The dough should not be placed directly in the basket of the fryer.
  • Sunflower or pumpkin seeds — we can eat freshly baked pumpkin or sunflower seeds in just a few minutes.
  • Vegetables in the air fryer — Vegetables also come out delicious in the air fryer. They don’t come out baked and crispy as they do on the grill, but they are relatively soft, with bright colors and keeping all their nutrients. However, the vegetables prepared in the air fryer turn out very tasty, even if they differ.
  • Crispy chicken in the fryer — Now we can fully enjoy schnitzel without fearing that it is a fried food that harms us more than reasonable. The cutlets, more recently called “Chicken Crispy,” come out very tasty in the air fryer. It is essential to leave space between the chicken breast pieces to allow air to circulate.

The variety of dishes that can be cooked in deep fryers is enormous. We can let our imagination play with all kinds of food that would go either in the pan or the oven, and you will see that almost anything can be prepared in the fryer. And any dish will also taste better if we choose the best hot air fryer or at least one from the greatest range.

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