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The final journey to Bir Tawil

In the desert sunrise is your wake up call, so up we got and started to repack for the day. Breakfast was as usual with boiled eggs, tea and Sudanese bread.

By 7 am we were ready to hit the dust track and begin the final 8 or so hours to Bir Tawil.

This was without doubt one of the most stunning road journeys I have taken, with the sheer emptiness only occasionally being interrupted by fellow cars following the smugglers route to Egypt, and random settlements of gold prospectors looking to make their fortunes. We ended up bumping into a bus load of people doing just that, who were happy enough to let us pose for pictures with them.

James Martin on the way to Bir Tawil
Fixing our cars near Bir Tawil

At about 1 pm we hit the last settlement of any description where we hunkered down for lunch. El Naabah we actually nicknamed Mad Max town, with the pictures explaining why.

Lunch was pasta, bread and ever reliable tinned tuna washed down with coke. The guys fixed up the caravan as best as possible and we headed off.

Mad Max Town on Bir Tawil border

In theory 2 hours later we would be at the hotel border of Bir Tawil. Theories are great in theory.

So the Sudan is hot, really freaking hot, and driving through the desert at mid day makes the cars overheat, particularly when dealing with dodgy diesel.

We stopped and the Sudanese team started on trying to fix one of the cars (we had 5). Filters were replaced and a whole bunch of other shit I didn’t understand, all the while whilst we were melting in the heat!

But then after just over an hour of false starts the call was made to dump two cars, move our shit to the remaining three, and snugly head off into the scorching sunset.

Sunset in Bir Tawil

We duly arrived just in time for said sunset in Bir Tawil. An arduous journey, but we reached the promised land.

GPS on entering Bir Tawil
sudanese street food

Street Food Barbar (Sudan)

Epic Pictures from Bir Tawil