Ostro Bistro – 24 hour dining of Street 136

Ostro Bistro is another famous 24 hour dining joint in the party capital of Phnom Penh. Apparently owned by the same people as GastroPub Street 130, but very much with its own vibe, food and indeed chances for people watching.

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The Ostro Bistro Menu

Huge and eclectic with Khmer dishes and all the western favorites you’d expect, no Macaroni Cheese Burger though might I add! Compared to GastroPub it is slightly more high end though and for me at least the sushi and the raw steak options were what grabbed me.

I went for the beef carpaccio, which was excellent and the salmon sashimi with fairly decent wasabi. They also have a happy hour that lasts two hours longer than gastropub, so I was treated to 2 beers for a grand total of $1.50, basically cheaper than water, you can never argue with those kind of numbers.

The Ostro Bistro Vibe

This is a 24 hour bar in he middle of party town, so there is always an array of different people and some great people watching to be done. Street 136 might be mildly less intense than Street 130, but there is still plenty going on here.

The food though, pretty much the most important part of a restaurant was very good, with all 3 dishes being of high-quality for the price.

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Thanks to the ability of having Khmer translation available I was able to hear some of the funnier stories being relayed from the people that work in the area and hang out at the bar.

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Overall on Ostro Bistro Street 136

A classic bar for the area, not one you might necessarily go out of your way to visit, but if you need 24 hour dinner and drinks, or simply find yourself partying by the riverside then Ostro does a fine job.

The only question now is where next to review by the riverside?

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