Orthodox Christmas in Phnom Penh

Orthodox Christmas in Phnom Penh you say? I have spent a lot of time in the old USSR, but I did not expect this connection to continue into my time stuck in Cambodia. Then I accidentally ended up at Jungle Cat. Jungle Cat is the premier Ukrainian restaurant and general Slavic restaurant in Cambodia.

You can check out their site and menu here

If you like the site contact these guys to make you one.

So what the Orthodox Christmas?

Generally speaking religion is a bit silly. When the Eastern Orthodox Church split from the Catholic Church in the “Great Schism” they ended up using different calendars. We use the Gregorian, they use the Julian. That means their Christmas comes on January 6th.

FYI this also means two New Years Eve parties!!! Twice the drunken rampage, although as you know the Russians are really good at drinking.

Who celebrates Orthodox Christmas?

Most of the old Union of Soviet Socialist Republics and even the old Yugoslavia. Although not the Croats.

Orthodox Christmas in Phnom Penh

How can you celebrate it in Phnom Penh?

As stated the only place to celebrate Orthodox Christmas is at Jungle Cat, Phnom Penh. Pretty much every Slav in the city looking to get his rocks off will be here on January 6th.

How will you be celebrating it?

As is path of the course at Jungle Cat there will be live music, live music maketh the party at Jungle Cat and things are likely to be very busy. So, if you do want to come, probably best to book a table in advance. This can be done via FB, or via their aforementioned website!

Yes, there will be moonshine!!!

Really one of the best things about Jungle Cat is the moonshine. I know I should not complain about a city that sells beers for 50 cents, but by god do you get bored of it. You can get a bottle of moonshine here for $20. Enough said.

Son in finale! Happy Orthodox Christmas in Phnom Penh to all my Slavic friends. See you at Jungle Cat.

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