Epic Images From Micronesia

I see a lot of new countries, but it is particularly nice when I get to decree a nation one of my favourites, and the Federated States of Micronesia gets the Gareth seal of approval. I’m not precisely sure what it is I love about Micronesia, but friendly people and island scenery sure do go a long way.

I’ve compiled some of my best phone pictures for Micronesia, I’ll hopefully add some pretty camera ones later, but for now, here are my epic street food guy photos of Micronesia!

Roast Pig

It really is a myth that Micronesians are the friendliest people of the pacific.

Waterfall in Pohnpei
Waterfall in Pohnpei

can’t remember the name of the waterfall, but a great day out…

I really was not enjoying the raft at the ruins!

Ancient ruins Pohnpei

These ruins predate the Micronesians, but i don’t know much more than they looked great!

Thars a small glimpse into country 152 Micronesia!

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