Can you get a Mars bar in Cambodia?

Can you get a Mars Bar in Cambodia? Yes you can and not just by the bar, but as part of a multi-pack!

It was not all that long ago that Cambodia was going through a Pol Pot induced famine as part of the Democratic Kampuchea, thankfully those days are well and truly behind us and nowadays you everything from a Cherry Coke to a Mars Bar at your local mini-mart.

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What the freaking hell is a Mars Bar?

Mars bar in Cambodia
Mars bar

To quote the glorious advertising campaign of Mars

“A Mars a Day helps you work rest and play”

First manufactured in Slough in 1932 – if you have never been to Slough it was made famous by David Brent and the office. It is fairy shit place.

The chocolate bars is damned good though and is nougat, caramel and almonds wrapped in milk chocolate. For British people this was very much something we grew up with. from Mars Bar Mini’s to the very famous Scottish deep-fried Mars Bar, yes the Scots will deep-fry literally anything.

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Where can you get a Mars Bar in Cambodia?

OK, so the Mars Bars is obviously not exactly a mainstay of Khmer Cuisine, you will not find it in Stung Treng for example, but you will find it in the big stores of the big city such as Angkor Mart in Siem Reap, AEON Mall and the every popular Kiwi Mart. It was at said Kiwi Mart that I found my Cambodian Mars Bar.

How much does a Mars Bar in Cambodia cost?

Mars bar in Cambodia
Mars bar

Foreign stuff in Cambodia is rally expensive, a Mars Bar though will set you back just 80 cents, or 3000 and a bit Rial.

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But, of course I want for the 5 bar multi-pack which cost $3.90. Can you get a Mars Bar in Cambodia? You can and indeed I did!

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