Dealing with lockdown in Cambodia

Dealing with lockdown in Cambodia! How quickly things can change right? It seems only like yesterday that we were running around Cambodia without a care in the world, almost oblivious to the killer that was Covid-19. The government had done a sterling job at protecting us, and life was normal. It would appear that the bubble w were living in has now well and truly popped.

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How did we get to lockdown in Cambodia?

Again Covis-19 had largely keen kept at bay in the country. Inbound travel was  restricted, quarantine was required and whilst we were a closed society things like bars and cinemas remained  open.

Then on February 20th a community outbreak occurred after some people skipped quarantine.

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The virus then did what viruses do and spread, a sad fact that viruses tend to move quicker than people, or actions. Even sadder is that we are in this predicament not through mistakes by the government, but because of the selfishness and stupidity of people. Never underestimate the stupidity of people.

What’s been the timeline?

First schools and places like cinemas were closed, before e curfew was announced, initially for two weeks on April 1st. This should have ended in time for Khmer New Year, but again the virus was reading quicker than actions. The initial curfew had us stuck inside from 8pm to 5am, but daytimes would remain largely the same. They again the virus kept spreading.

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Then things were going to take a strange to the vet weirder.

Dining and alcohol suspended in Phnom Penh

To the credit of the government they have far form sat on their laurels with these things. As things get worse, understandably rules get tougher. On April 10th it was announced that dine-in at restaurants would be stopped as well as all sales of alcohol.

Why has Phnom Penh banned alcohol? Quite simply because a large portion of the infections were related to people drinking. People drink and do dumb shit. Take away the drink take away the problem. Sadly if people act like children, you treat them like children.

What are the current restrictions?

We can still go out shopping for food, although technically only 3 times per week. Food deliveries are still allowed, but without alcohol and we are allowed out to exercise.

When exercising we cannot be in groups of larger than 2, so badminton OK, volleyball not. Some residencies are issuing cards, whilst some supermarkets are apparently stamping your hand to say you’ve used one of your credits. Long story short though is that if things don’t get better, then the lockdown will last longer.

Lockdown in Cambodia – Phnom Penh the Ghost City

I was in Beihai when coronavirus first hit the headlines. I remember renting a motorbike and taking pictures of the empty streets, something we would later do at Angkor Wat.

This is technically nothing all that new, but it is still weird not only seeing the streets of Phnom Penh largely empty, but even tape up staying streets that you can, or cannot go down. I realize that this will seem small fry to many of the world who have already lived through this, but this is genuinely new to us here. And sadly at a time when much of the world is either being vaccinated, or getting itself back to normal.

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So, day 3 of lockdown in Cambodia, I have food and i’m getting exercise. I also picked the perfect time to cut down on drinking…..

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