Local dishes that you don’t want to miss in Alaska

The Alaska seafood industry is the largest in the US and plays a major role in the state’s identity. Alaskans are proud to call their state home, but they aren’t so thrilled when others claim they eat nothing but polar bears and steak!

Despite being a largely land-locked area, Alaskan food is unique because it’s influenced by its location; its coastline provides supplies with ingredients for seafood such as salmon and crab, while a multitude of lakes provide supplies for its beef industry.

The 49th state has long been home to Native Americans and Aleutian Islanders, and this has left an indelible mark on Alaska’s food culture. For example, many fish eaten in Alaska are the result of warming and drying methods that have been handed down through the generations.

So why are we still waiting? Let me lead you through the well-known Alaskan neighborhood streets and highlight the must-try treats to suit your palate while cruising to Alaska.

Fishes in Alaska

The Alaskan seafood industry is the grand prize of fish dishes. If you want to go out on the boat and enjoy a gourmet meal, then it’s time to plan your next trip to Alaska.

Fish restaurants are everywhere in Alaska, and even though they are not known for their fine dining, they offer a high quality of cuisine at affordable prices that range from filet mignon prices to crab legs for under 10$.

Sausages made of reindeer meet

Alaska is home to one of the largest herds of reindeer in the world. Reindeer are an important source of meat, fat and protein for Alaskan hunters and their families, as well as a source of valuable income that supports communities outside the state.

Reindeer sausages makes its way onto grilled sandwiches, pizzas and more as a delicious addition.

King crab

King crab is well known for its rich, meaty flavour and of course, for its size. Made from the fleshed part of the crab (including the claws) King Crab meets local taste test and deserves our attention. The king crab can be prepared in a number of ways, such as steamed with butter toasted coconut sauce or served as steamed crabs only.

Yak meat

Yak burgers and yak nachos are just a few of the many delicacies made of Yak meat in Alaska that has become an important part of Alaskan cuisine. Yak meat is very high in protein, cholesterol-free and essential fatty acids due to its content of omega-3 fatty acids.

Yak nachos are made with shredded yak meat, black pepper sauce and cheese served on a tortilla or flour tortilla rolled up and stuffed into a can or aluminum foil. Yak burgers are smothered in gravy to resemble hamburgers.

Oysters in Alaska

The Alaskan oyster is the premium choice when it comes to shucking, broiling or steaming. The meat is so tender and succulent that it practically falls off the shell. It’s available with a selection of sauces, broiled with bacon and/or ‘everything butter’.

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