Hangover Cures – Serbian Style

Day 1 in Prijedor or rather night one had been such a success by the next morning. I really was not feeling the love, but as previously stated the Serbians love aggressive hospitality, so I was dragged from my bed and we say for breakfast.

Breakfast was hearty and very Serbian but noticing my hangover, I was asked if I would like to “take out a nail with a nail”, AKA Rakia for breakfast. I did my shot, but it did not help and I felt I had two nails now.

It was decided we would go swimming somewhere, but alas I had no shorts, we were whisked to the Chinese store. I duly and like a performing monkey started speaking to them in Chinese, so impressive was I that they even gave me a free lighter. At last thought, Chinese is finally paying off.

On arrival at the water spot, it appeared that we were not the only ones seeking hangover solace through water, and in fact everyone from the previous night’s party was there, we were ready to revel again.

Swimming - hangover cure in Prijedor

The water was almost perfect, although I had a choice, I would have made it a little colder. I like cold water.

In the middle of the said waterway was rapid where you were required to push yourself out and get whooshed down the river. I didn’t follow the instructions properly and fucked up my leg.

I largely spent the rest of our day there in what was, in essence, the kiddie pool, and according to my friends looking a bit like Jimmy Saville (they just said pedo to be fair).

I didn’t care I was more than comfortable sitting in the cold pool in Prijedor contemplating my life and working through the hangover.

And you know what it helped remove those nails. A truly quality day in Prijedor.

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