Guide to Khaosan Road in 2020

When it comes to backpacking the Khao San pretty much invented the concept, but it has certainly changed over the years. Here’s our guide to Khaosan Road in 2020.

It’s not like it used to be

This seems to be what every aging rocker says about every party town in South-East Asia, but my buddy, business partner, and long ex-pat in Bangkok duly concurred. Kha San ain’t what it used to be.

There’s no more fake IDs

Never again will I be able to have an Irish driving license, without you know passing a test, in Ireland. Apparently the issue was it wasn’t just fake TEFL certificates the country peddled, but actual passports.

Hippie Crack is still a thing

Hippieish crack or laughing gas is sold by the ballon. It’s a bit lame, to be honest.

(weak) Booze by the bucket

Buckets cost anywhere from 4-8 dollars and whilst “really strong is promised” sometimes I’m sad to say, but people lie. Again it’s another gimmick.

Don’t take taxis in Bangkok

Taxi drivers don’t know where anything is, ALWAYS try to overcharge, and ask you to use your GPS (if you have a local sim). There’s an app called Grab Taxi, download it. Grab Bike is even cheaper.

Don’t take trikes in Bangkok

They are ok if you want a tourist experience, but notice only tourists use them.

Street Food Khaosan Road

Not too bad, there’s meat, fruits, scorpion, and Thai dishes. Quality is not the ingredient here, something which caused me to get brutally assaulted with a sausage, in an event to forever be known as “Sausagegate”.

Shoukd you visit the Khaosan Road in 2020?

Yes, but it’s not the hotel California, check in, stay a few days, but indeed leave.

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