Food that Starts with G

The internet is not only Al Gore’s greatest invention but also a very weird place. For some reason thousands of people search Google for “Food that Starts with G” and seeing as my name is Gareth (I am not a food), I decided I’d write a blog about it.

So, here you go, the 5 best foods that start with the letter G.

5) Garlic

Oh yes, I went there straight in with garlic. Some of you will disagree with this as its more an ingredient than a food, but for you, I dare you to try pickled garlic. I ate this on our inaugural Borderlands tour and let me tell you the bus suffered. I’m all about the pickled garlic.

4) Ginger

OK, so again more spice than a food, but everything tastes better when it has ginger in it. My favourite soft-drink of all time is probably Bunderberg (yes that Bunderberg) Ginger Beer.

3) Goat

For me, a goat is, without doubt, one of the most underrated meats out there. In my mind, the best way to serve it is curried goat Jamaica style or goats feet as they serve in Northern Shaanxi around the Yanan area. Honestly a lot better than it sounds. I’ll leave goats milk and cheese as a given on this one.

2) Green Curry

India might be where it is at when it comes to curry, but Thailand has to be a very very close second and Thai green curry really is unbeatable on a warm day.

1) Grapes

OK, OK is it too obvious? Grapes are a great fruit for snacking on to kill time but where a grape truly wins its brownie points is in the making of wine! Red, white, rose, sparkling, its for all of you that we thank the humble grape.

Did I miss any great G foods off the list?

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