The Best Fireball Cambodia – Sundance Inn and Saloon

Where can you get the best Fireball Cambodia? You get the best Fireball at the legendary Sundance Inn and Saloon on the notorious Street 172, but we will get to why this is later.

What’s a Fireball?

A fireball is different to a wrecking ball and can be conjured by wizards as well as by nerdy virgins playing Dungeons and Dragons. It is also a fiery whisky based shot, in the interests of this article we will be referring to the later. 

Best Fireball Cambodia
The owner owning Fireball Cambodia

There are many different ways to make a fireball shot, with variations including Jager and all other strange bits. Nowadays you can buy it pre-bottled and it is essential cinnamon whisky, which has a fireball Cambodia like after taste. Well a fireball aftertaste, the Cambodia bit only works if you are in Cambodia.

A Tale of two Cities – TTP and the Riverside

In Phnom Penh there are TTP people and there are Riverside people, but rarely do these cats tend to mix. The reason for this is that TTP people look down on Riverside folk and Riverside folk think the TTP folk are pretentious. 

Best Fireball Cambodia
They also do small burgers

Somewhere in the middle of this lies street 172…..

What’s the story with Street 172?

Street 172 is a long street, with both ends being very different. The top part of the street is connected to the dying on its knees Pub Street, as well as being the kind of place where older single ladies go looking for gentleman. You know how older horses get sent out to pasture, well the top of 172 is like the knackers yard for ladies of the night.

The bottom part of the street though is whole different ball game, with culinary delights such as Molly’s, the Vine, and of course the home to Fireball Cambodia – Sundance Bar.

Fireball Cambodia – How does Sundance get this crown?

Shots and bars are funny things. When I had my own bar, we were the Jager Bar. This meant that because I love Jager we always had a few bottles on ice, I would give it away as my shot of choice and I kept it cheap.

At Sundance the shot of choice is the Fireball and whether they buy it, or make it themselves it certainly has a hell of a kick to it.  We also nominate them as Fireball Cambodia quite simply because they serve what we have found to be the cheapest Fireball in Phnom Penh, being but a mere $1 a shot. 

This is not only greta value, but according to the fine-print on the notices on their walls also qualifies you to stay in the bar and take up a table for at least an hour. Therefore necking 4 Fireball Cambodia sensations at Sundance will get you four hours legally away from your home and, or family.  What is not to love about that?

Taco Bell in Cambodia
Taco Bell in Cambodia

And they have Taco Bell

OK, so not actual Taco Bell, but they have the best knock-off Taco Bell in Cambodia, which you can read all about here. Come for the food, stay for the Fireball Cambodia action – oh and leave drunk

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