Exploring Tel Aviv’s Hidden Gems: 5 Unconventional Activities

Tel Aviv is often envisioned as a bustling metropolis framed by beautiful beaches, lively nightlife, and a vibrant culinary scene. However, it also has a hidden facet waiting to be explored.

Beyond its renowned highlights, Tel Aviv conceals a treasure trove of offbeat and extraordinary experiences. In this article, we’ll delve into the five less-traveled paths of the city. Let’s explore unique adventures and unconventional charm that offer a refreshing perspective on this dynamic destination.

Explore the Hidden Street Art

Beyond the conventional art galleries, Tel Aviv’s street art scene is a vibrant tapestry of creativity and rebellion. Exploring this urban art form is an adventure in itself, as you meander through the city’s streets on a graffiti tour. Along the way, you’ll stumble upon an array of murals, stencils, installations, and even unconventional forms like 3D prints and crochets.

However, it’s essential to note that much of this artwork exists in a legal gray area. The local authorities consistently allocate a significant budget to cover these vibrant works with a single shade of grey paint each year. Yet, this cat-and-mouse game only fuels the spirit of the street artists.

For the ultimate street art experience, head to the Florentine neighborhood, once a neglected area and now a thriving hub for creativity. Here, you’ll encounter a kaleidoscope of street art on nearly every corner, from the bustling Florentine Street. You can also explore art on Cordovero Street and the hidden backstreets near Abarbanel Street. It’s an exploration of Tel Aviv’s colorful and ever-evolving artistic soul.

Visit the Underbelly: Tel Aviv’s Abandoned Buildings

Venture into the depths of Tel Aviv’s underground scene, quite literally, by exploring the city’s abandoned buildings. These spaces, often filled with graffiti and remnants of Tel Aviv’s history, offer a unique glimpse into the city’s past. Just remember to exercise caution and ensure your safety while exploring these off-the-beaten-path locations.

Rejuvenate with an Urban Spa Experience

Escape the urban hustle and bustle of Tel Aviv and immerse yourself in a serene and unconventional spa experience. In this vibrant city, numerous boutique hotels and wellness centers offer spa treatments that seamlessly blend traditional practices with modern relaxation techniques.

One example is the Carmel Hotels in Israel, which has earned the prestigious title of “The Best Spa in the Middle East,” according to the renowned Spafinder Spa magazine. Within these urban sanctuaries, you can embark on a journey of tranquility. Here, you can step away from the relentless pace of the city to unwind and revitalize amidst the chaos.

These unique spa experiences offer a wide range of treatments, including holistic massages that harmonize your mind and body. Additionally, you can enjoy luxurious Dead Sea mud wraps that rejuvenate your skin. Isrotel notes that in the heart of Tel Aviv’s vibrant energy, these pampering sessions offer a refreshing and blissful escape.

Discover the Vegan Capital of the World

Tel Aviv isn’t just a culinary hotspot; it proudly wears the title of the “Vegan Capital of the World.” Here, you can savor the incredible flavors of plant-based cuisine in the city’s numerous vegan eateries.

Surprisingly, the vegan trend extends far beyond the vegetarian community. A significant 31% of meat-eaters in the city are planning to reduce their meat consumption in the upcoming year, according to a survey. Additionally, 2.2% of respondents are aiming to completely eliminate meat from their diets.

This shift towards plant-based dining is further highlighted by the fact that nearly half (48.8%) of Tel Aviv-Yafo residents enjoy entirely vegan meals at least twice a week.

As you explore the city’s culinary scene, don’t miss the chance to try vegan delights like “Vegan Shawarma,” “Sabich,” or the mouthwatering “Malabi” dessert. These dishes offer a glimpse into the innovative and delicious world of vegan cuisine that Tel Aviv proudly serves up.

Sleep in a Bauhaus Building

Tel Aviv proudly holds the title of the world’s unique capital of Bauhaus buildings. Bauhaus Architecture and design influences are evident worldwide, from furniture to paintings and prints. However, Tel Aviv’s “White City” stands out with its sheer number and exceptional quality of Bauhaus buildings.

This architectural treasure trove encompasses approximately 4,000 buildings, with around 2,000 of them safeguarded under preservation laws. This district of Tel Aviv emerged in response to a significant wave of immigration in the 1930s. It was primarily comprised of German and European Jews who sought refuge from European fascism and German National Socialism.

Step back in time by booking a stay in one of these iconic buildings, offering a unique blend of history and modern comfort.


Tel Aviv is a treasure trove of unconventional experiences that cater to every traveler’s sense of adventure. Exploring the city’s mainstream attractions is a must, but don’t forget to delve into its eccentric and unorthodox side. This will allow you to truly appreciate the unique spirit of Tel Aviv.

Whether you’re into art, food, nightlife, or simply seeking offbeat adventures, Tel Aviv’s unorthodox offerings are sure to captivate and inspire your wanderlust.


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