Experience the best Colombian food in Orlando

If you love eating out and trying new food items for breakfast then you should visit the most popular Colombian bakery near me. Mecatos cafe is situated in Orlando and it was established in the year 2016 on 1st April. There is no looking back since then because the popularity of this cafe has increased manifold which has resulted in more cafes across the city. It offers the convenience to the customers to have breakfast anywhere they prefer so that they will enjoy delicious and healthy Colombian food and beverages.

For the best breakfast near me, you should visit Mecatos Cafe & Bakery which is conveniently located for easy access to its customers. This cafe strives to offer a unique and memorable experience to every customer and the experienced staff offers impeccable service. Every item on the menu is outstanding right from the desserts, hot bites, baked food, and beverages. For the perfect Coffee near me, you should head straight to Mecatos cafe because it serves the best coffee in town.

The four locations that are serving the best Colombian food to the customers are Waterford Lakes, Lake Underhill, Downtown, and Lake Nona. But more faces are being constructed on Hoffner Avenue, Metrowest, and Ocoee. The main objective of this cafe is to offer food and beverages that are inspired by Colombian culture. You will love everything about this cafe including the overall ambiance, atmosphere, and vibe that you get once you enter the place.

The specialty of Mecatos Cafe & Bakery is coffee that is made with the use of high-end equipment and excellent quality coffee beans. The fresh flavor of the coffee beans adds more taste to your cup of coffee and you can enjoy your coffee with your breakfast at the cafe. You can get two varieties of coffee including single-origin coffee and blends that offer mesmerizing aromas and flavorful tastes. You will not prefer any other coffee after you have tasted the best coffee near me at the Mecatos Cafe so you will cherish the experience.

The assortment of food items that are available at the cafe will leave you speechless because you will get every item that you can have for an amazing breakfast. Witnessing the best food items at the Colombian bakery near me and enjoying the food there is simply a memorable experience. You can try food items like baked or fried items which include bread, sandwiches, hot dogs, scrambled eggs, pastries, croissants, cookies, and tarts. Beverages that you can get in this cafe include coffee, smoothies, and juices that will complement your food perfectly.

The reward program offered by Mecatos Cafe and Bakery is an amazing way of making customer feel special when they are associated with the cafe. You can earn reward points with every order so that you can get benefits and extra privileges as a long-time customer. Enjoying your breakfast in Orlando has become a valuable experience and you will enjoy the carefully selected Colombian food offered at the cafe.


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