Different Types of Bubble Tea for Everyone

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Bubble tea is for everyone. Not only is it one of the most universally enjoyed treats on the planet, but it’s also one of the most customizable. With several bases to choose from, several more toppings to add, and a wide range of personalizing opportunities (half-sweet, no ice, non-dairy milk, etc.), there are literally thousands of bubble tea combinations out there.

Hidden among those thousands of possible combinations is your perfect bubble tea. And in this blog post, we aim to help you find it. Below, explore the major categories of bases and toppings that prove there are different types of bubble tea for everyone!

Milk Teas

Perhaps the most popular base for bubble tea (and certainly the most traditional) is milk tea: steeped loose-leaf black tea paired with rich milk and a dash of sweetener.

But even here, “milk tea” doesn’t just refer to that one drink. Instead, it encompasses an umbrella of various beverages, each an ideal base for your boba. On the menu at Chatime, the leading brand in bubble tea, you’ll find innovative spins on the classic, like:

  • Hazelnut milk tea
  • Genmaicha milk tea
  • Earl Grey milk tea
  • Chocolate milk tea
  • Salted caramel milk tea
  • Thai milk tea…

And the list goes on. (At the expense of sounding like Bubba in Forrest Gump, we’ll stop there).

Fruit Teas

Of course, some bubble tea enthusiasts go in a completely different direction at the beginning of their order. Instead of opting for a classic or flavoured milk tea, they reach for the refreshing zip of a fruit tea.

Fruit teas have gained popularity in recent years – first with a dedicated fan following, and then broader recognition in bubble tea culture. Usually based around tropical fruits, these light teas are perfect for hot summer days, post-workout refreshments and, honestly, most other occasions too. They include:

  • Grapefruit tea
  • Lychee tea
  • Mango tea
  • Passion fruit tea…

And several others. You can also mix and match flavours to create a hybrid fruit tea all your own.

Matcha Tea Boba

Matcha’s star has been rising for a while now. Popular with health experts and tea lovers alike, this antioxidant-rich powdered green tea from Japan is now a staple at boba joints.

Its earthy, nutty profile proves a superb foil for various sweeteners, dairy products and flavours. And its ultra-smooth texture is a fantastic counterbalance for the entire buffet of bubble tea toppings. Speaking of toppings, there’s one last category to cover…

Customizing Your Creation with Various Toppings

It isn’t bubble tea without the “bubbles,” right? When bubble tea was first invented in Taiwan in the 80s, those bubbles meant one thing only: tapioca pearls. And while these slippery, slurp-friendly boba are still wildly popular, they aren’t the only topping on the block anymore.

Once again, take Chatime’s innovative menu as an example. The bubble tea brand offers a smorgasbord of numerous toppings to mix and match:

  • Grass jelly
  • Passion fruit jelly
  • Lychee “popping” boba
  • Brown sugar pearls
  • Crystal boba
  • Red bean…

And, of course, many more. Whether you’re a “hazelnut milk tea with grass jelly” kind of person, or a “half-sweet mango-passion fruit tea with popping boba” kind of person, bubble tea has something for you. With countless combos to choose from, there are different types of boba for everyone.

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