Cambodia entering lockdown – for real

Cambodia entering lockdown, but this time it seems for real. Since the start of the pandemic Cambodia has been perennially on the brink of lockdown, yet it always seems to come through. This time though things could be different.

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February 20th incident

To cut a long story short some Chinese guys allegedly paid a security guard to skip quarantine. They were infected. This has caused the virus to do what viruses do and spread.

How far has it spread in Cambodia?

As if the 1st March it’s in Siem Reap, Koh Kong and Sihanoukville – the later of which it is particularly bad in. And of course Phnom Penh, where a number of areas have been shut down.

Sihanoukville the new Wuhan

As of today all but essential travel in and out of Sihanoukville has been banned/discouraged. I personally found myself at the border of Koh Kong, only to be turned away.

I’d also been turned away from a hotel the night before. So, whilst the rumour mill is just that, I’ve seen first hand how things are going.

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Koh Rong closed for two weeks

The paradise islands of Koh Rong and Koh Rong Sanloem have also stopped all ferries for two weeks. Not good news for tourism, or the general sanity of all islanders.

Cambodia entering lockdown for real?

That’s certainly how things are looking, although martial-law hasn’t been brought up in a while. So sad to think that things were going so well. As is often the case it just takes the selfishness of a few individuals to fuck everything up.

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