The Great Brod Guide

Brod is a hidden gem of the hidden gem of Kosovo. Here is the eating and drinking Brod Guide.

Kosovo is a very controversial place. Home to people who consider themselves Albanian they were involved in a bitter war with Serbia. The west intervened and they became independent. This set up the “Kosovo Precedent:, which was to have repercussions from Abkhazia all the way to Nauru (who recognized them).

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Serbia do not recognize their independence and foreigners are not even allowed to cross from Kosovo into Serbia. Yet despite all this strife Kosovo is an amazing country to visit, and one which we do every year.

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My personal favorite part of visiting Kosovo is voting the hidden gem of Brod. How to the Gorani people it is like stepping back into a simpler time, as well as throwing up great scenery and some unusual characters. This is the Brod guide.

Where is Brod?

Brod is in souther Kosovo and roughly 4-5 hours drive form the capital of Pristina. It is possible to do pubic transport most of the way, but much easier if you have your own vehicle.

Brod is part of the municipality of Dragas, itself the main population base of the Gorani people.

There are only around 900, or so houses and a few thousands residents spread throughout the village.

Brod Guide – Who are the Gorani?

The Gorani people are essentially Slavic people that converted to Sunni Islam. They speak Goranski, or Našinski it is of Slavic origin and enjoys some mutual intelligibility with languages of the region

What about Brod then?

Kosovo is not famous for its beauty, but the village of Brod is like the land that time forgot, a traditional village without many of the trappings of the modern world, old mosques, horse-drawn carriages, cable streets and amazing scenery. Brod is located in some beautiful mountain scenery, which means there is often a spooky mist to the air.

What to do in Brod?

Brod makes for a great day, or overnight trip. There isn’t tons to do here, the beauty here is really that you are here.

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Walk around Brod

OK, so seems obvious, but it is the cobble streets, streams and old architure that make this place. Seeing an old Jugo used to store horse-shit is quite amusing too.

Hike around Brod

There is an old cemetery on top of the oil and numerous mountains that you can go explore to your hearts content. The cool temperature makes this very pleasant.

Brod Guide – Eating and drinking

Well there is about 3 in Brod, but hey that maketh a pub crawl right? The food is simple in Bord and consists of Serbian more than Albanian fare. Fancy a burek washed down with rakia? They got you covered.

There’s also a high-end type hotel on the outskirts should you be in the need for fine dining. Hotel wise that is the only option, technically. In reality locals will let you stay in their homes in Brod for very little.

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Hangout with “borat”

Known as the Brod Borat this local character has been eterianing us for almost 10 years. He is a blueberry farmer with two horses called Yamaha and Kawasaki, although they have both seen better days.

Go to any bar and ask for him, eventually he will turn up!

Nothing quite beats finding a hidden gem when you travel around the world and Brod, Dragas is very much one of those places. Few manage to make it to Kosovo, but if you can get here then make sure you go to Brod, you will not regret it.

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