Bongem Lort Svet – បង្អែមលតស្វិត

Bongen Lort Svet – បង្អែមលតស្វិត is one of the many unique deserts of Cambodia! I’m not usually a man. No, I am usually a man, but I am not a man with a sweet tooth, cheesecake notwithstanding. Yet it was after a trip to 60 meter street in Siem Reap that I discovered the Khmer made some weird and wonderful deserts.

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What does Bongem Lort Svet – បង្អែមលតស្វិត look like?

It looks like a bunch of jelly, sorry Yanks jello thrown into milk. There is a very naughty joke about jam and jelly, which I will leave for now.

I digress

What is Bongem Lort Svet – បង្អែមលតស្វិត?

It starts as a form of like a sticky rice, but they add eggs, and various fruit sweetness that give it the jello type texture. This is then thrown into the milk like concoction.

So, in fact whilst looking and tasting a bit like condensed milk it is not. It is basically palm sugar, coconut milk, some local ingedinents and even salt. Lets be honest everything tastes better with salt.

Much like many Khmer dishes there are lots and lots of variations of this dish. Whether you go for homemade or street food style it will taste like the chef intends.

Is Bongem Lort Svet – បង្អែមលតស្វិត street food?

You can get the dish in most markets of Cambodia and it can be served in a bag, bowl, or even a plastic bag. I hate liquids served in plastic bags, such as the Tsingtao of Qingdao.

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How does it taste then?

As I said I am not exactly a sweets man, but I found it refreshing and more like a drink than a desert. Overall, not that bad and another notch on Khmer Street Sweets belt.

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