Best Street Foods Locations for Backpackers

If you’ve done any amount of backpacking, you know that street foods are one of the delights of such a journey. As a backpacker, you can travel through a myriad of destinations, enjoy the culture of a location, and see just what an area has to offer while you are trekking through to your next stop.

Some backpackers take extensive travels and tour entire continents while others prefer to stick to mountains and trails. No matter what your preference is or where you like to backpack, there is street food to be had.

Here are some of our favorite street foods locations for backpackers.

Popular Gear for Backpackers

There are many different methods for backpacking. You can trek it by nature with just your backpack and your traveling companions. There are also other solutions. Some backpackers trek to areas and stay in hostels and inns along the way.

Others use their vehicles and tents. There are even tents for your truck bed so you can comfortably backpack to lengthy locations and travel greater distances without losing all of the comforts on your journey.

As a backpacker, you should plan your gear according to your travels. Be sure to be prepared for the location in which you are backpacking.

Here are some items to consider.

  • Tent or shelter arrangements
  • Sleeping bag
  • Shoes
  • Clothing
  • Backpack
  • Water
  • Food
  • First aid
  • Outdoor protection

Now, let’s talk about those street foods we teased you about!

1.  Hong Kong

If you want a location with some flavorful street food that offers a wide variety of choices, you can simply not overlook Hong Kong for your backpacking journey. The area is pretty crowded so be prepared to hustle through lots of people to enjoy the flavors that Hong Kong has to offer.

Hong Kong is known for their street barbecues and you can go from vendor to vendor to try an assortment of dishes. In fact, you can even wash it down with a beer or a local beverage of your choice as you go.

In Hong Kong, they use a concept that allows you to choose your meats and vegetables and have them cooked up right in front of you. It’s a neat and flavorful experience!

1.  London

London is a beautiful location for backpackers to enjoy street foods and get a taste of the foods and the cultural atmosphere. There is also much to see and do there. Don’t be scared of the rumors of British food. They really do have a lot of tasteful items.

Additionally, you can find almost any food you like in London. You are not limited to a specific style of cuisine but you can fulfill whatever your taste buds are longing for. Choose from simple burgers or fish and chips to other cuisines like Caribbean delights or Palestinian foods.

London is certainly a melting pot so there will be different cultures and people everywhere you go. Enjoy the food, the culture, and the sites of the locale while you are there. This won’t be your overnight backpacking trip but probably a location you will want to spend some time in.

3.  Mexico City

Are you a Mexican lover? Have you ever actually been able to enjoy authentic Mexican cuisine? This is the perfect opportunity. Backpack your way through Mexico City and enjoy some of the best culinary delights that they have to offer.

In Mexico City, you will find stalls scattered all over the place with various vendors that include anything from food to politicians and the food is what most of us would consider cheap! You can get your choice of tacos for under a dollar a piece and they are hand-made and delicious. Whether you choose fish, beef, chicken, or vegetable, you are bound to be satisfied.

Of course, that’s just the beginning. If you’re a fan of chili con carne, enchiladas, or burritos you are in luck for those as well. Don’t pass on at least trying the chili con carne since this is one of Mexico’s most noteworthy dishes and certainly worth a try at some point.

If you don’t want to venture clear to Mexico City, you can visit parts of California and enjoy authentic Mexican cuisine from the food trucks there.

4.  Thailand

Thailand is a popular city for street foods and quite possibly will be some of the best Asian cuisines you ever experience. If you visit Bangkok, they have the street food scene down to a science and it is a common way for many of the locals to make their livings.

The street foods in Bangkok are scattered throughout the city and Chinatown is one of the most popular areas. Whether you want a snack, a taste, or a full-blown meal they’ve got you covered with a variety of options.

You can also pick and choose different items from different vendors. Start with a spring roll from one and move onto pad Thai at another. Finish up with juicy mango or another sweet treat as you stroll.

5.  Portland, Oregon – United States

Finally, we can’t leave you with street food locations to visit without also offering up a United States locale. Portland, Oregon is known for having a heavy presence of food trucks that represent a multitude of cuisine options.

In Portland, these food trucks are scattered around town and some of them even have a semi-permanent setup. There is a diverse smattering of options, including specialties of the area like bacon cheeseburger dumplings and panzerotti.

From here, you can tour a local winery, grab a craft beer, or enjoy an artisan coffee and just enjoy what Portland has to offer.


This list of recommendations only touches the surface of the possibilities you can find when you want to backpack and enjoy the street foods. Whether you want to visit countries and enjoy authentic cuisine or you want to find locations closer to home, there are plenty of options available to you.

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