Anchor Beer vs Angkor Beer – Which is best?

Anchor Beer vs Angkor Beer – which is best? Whilst driving on the bike one day I saw an add for a new beer from Anchor, Anchor White – apparently it is extra smooth. You might have heard of Angkor Beer, the oldest and most famous from Cambodia, you may even have heard of Cambodia Beer, there is though a third player you will have only heard of if you’ve been to Cambodia and rear is Anchor.

They sound very similar……

I think actually took me a month to realize that these were different beers, but indeed different they are. One wonders if they went down the Oppo/Apple route by sounding deliberately similar.

You can read a bit about that and Dicos chicken here .

Anyway whilst they are different, they are also quite similar too….

So what os the Anchor Beer story?

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Apparently there is an Anchor Brewing Company from America the are worth millions. These companies are not to be confused with each other. Anchor Beer Cambodia I can find very little information on, but will update more when I can get a Khmer sleuth on the matter.

I do though know that through their advertising they are brewed from Battambang – a place I once visited for approximately 25 minutes.

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Anchor Beer Cambodia is often seen as the cheaper alternative, but in actual fact it is the same price as the other beers and just as readily available. Ordering a beer in Cambodia will get you Angkor, Cambodia, or Anchor, unless you suggest something else. Lager wise by the can these are the top beers of Cambodia. Anchor Beer would be the third best selling, or beer of choice. I have not seen Anchor Draft beer, but I guess it does exist.

How does Cambodian Anchor Beer taste?

It tastes like a Cambodian beer, and that is neither a dis, nor a compliment. It isa  bog standard local lager that does the job. There is great craft beers in Cambodia, but there is no standout like Beer Lao for example.

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Anchor Beer vs Angkor Beer – Which is best?

Of all the main Cambodian Beers, I like Cambodia Beer best, Anchor Beer vs Angkor Beer, Angkor vs Anchor? Well expats will have their own take on this, as I guess so will visitors. In reality the different in quality between these two beers is negligible and many a tourist will have accidentally had Anchor instead of Angkor – much as I have done without crying too much.

And that is the Anchor story, another Cambodian lager to keep the heat at bay.

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