5 of the best countries to visit in Europe for food

While many might know Europe for its plethora of historical sites or a multitude of bustling capital cities, true foodies know exactly what this continent is famous for: good food. If you’re looking for the best eateries on your next European trip travelling with friends, here are 5 of the best countries to visit in Europe for food:


The land of pizza and pasta, there are no surprises here that Italy has made the top four. While the capital offers its own special mecca for food lovers, don’t miss the traditional Italian dishes that come from outside of Rome like amatriciana pasta and cacio e pepe.


Tapas and paella are Spain’s pizza and pasta; it’s true that a trip to this amazing country isn’t complete without sharing a large pan of this tasty rice delicacy with friends. Speaking of friends, tapas are the ultimate picky food and great for late-night drinks with amigos – don’t miss the country’s infamous patatas bravas or croquettes.


The number of towns and cities with incredible food in France is more than you can count on two hands. For the best fine cheeses and glasses of wine, don’t miss Bordeaux. Want to experience the tantalising taste of Tarte Flambee, head up to Strasbourg. And Paris? Well, the city doesn’t even need an explanation.


Perhaps an underdog on the European food trail, Poland offers a vast array of delicious dishes – on a way more affordable travelling budget. It won’t take you long to track down someone selling pierogies, Poland’s traditional filled dumplings; in fact, Krakow even hosts its own annual pierogi festival where you can taste both traditional flavours – and those in fun and garish colours. Need something to warm you up? Rosół, the go-to soup in Poland, will do just the trick.


After nights of dancing until the early morning, Portuguese food will guarantee you feel right as rain the next day to carry on sightseeing. Some say the best comfort food in the entire world originated in Porto; the Francessinha sandwich (a breaded delicacy layered with bacon, pork, sausage, beef, and topped with cheese and a fried egg) always hits the mark, while a pastel de nata (or an egg custard tart) will also give you a much-needed sugar boost.

If your mouth is watering at our list of the best countries to visit in Europe for food, don’t miss your chance to experience the very best of culinary expertise the next time you get on a plane to the continent.


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