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ពងទាយឿ – Pong tea yue

ពងទាយឿ=Pong tea yue literally translates as duck egg, but much like many a Cambodian dish there really is no way to properly translate what this is. I’ll go with the best translation I have so far. It is an egg that could have become a duck, but has gone bad. So it is not an egg, nor is it balut (a fertilized duck egg).Which gets me thinking about the few day old duck that you can eat in Sagada. The duck may well be the last lucky animal in the region.

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What is ពងទាយឿ – Pong tea yue?

Again I can’t really make too much head, nor tale on this, other than its a broken egg, or abad egg that could not become an edible egg, or balut. Hard to explain was the bet Khmer response I got.

How do you make ពងទាយឿ – Pong tea yue?

So I realize you may not be salivating just yet, but once you have your “bad egg”, which amusingly means bad person in both Chinese and English, you boil it. Much like a boiled egg, or balut, but you make sure that you undercook it.ពងទាយឿ – Pong tea yue is about the juice you see!

ពងទាយឿ – Pong tea yue – eating time

Once your bad egg is ready it becomes much more simple you find the hollow end, much like you do with balut, crack it and form a hole. In the hole and like any Khmer delicacy you then add salt,Kampot pepper and chilli. Kampot pepper makes everything better, period.

You then drink the juice, which is kind of funny consistency, not unlike undercooked egg, but certainly with its own unique aroma. Once the juice is gone you then rip it open and eat the egg with a spoon. Taste wise it is not like a rotten, egg, nor is it like a regular boiled egg, it is simply ពងទាយឿ – Pong tea yue! The texture tends to b yellow as if the joke has mixed, again not all that different from a regular egg, but different. Don’t let the rotten egg part put you off, this is a Khmer delicacy well worth trying.

Hard to put it any other way really……

Pong tea yue

Written by Gareth

Gareth Johnson is the founder of Young Pioneer Tours, a published writer, and all round entrepreneur. He enjoys street food, and encourage others to get paid to travel the world.

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