Which countries is Burger King in?

Which countries is Burger King in? And which countries is Burger King not in? OK, so I have covered McDonalds and KFC, so it only seems right that I cover the third one, Burger King.

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Now lets explore which countries Burger King is in, not in and much more!

What is Burger King?

In case you have been under a rock, or not been the western world Burger King is one of the biggest franchises in the world. When it comes to burgers though most assume that McDonalds is in more countries than Burger King and is more popular then Burger King, but is this the case?

Today we look at which countries is Burger King in that might surprise you, which it is not in that might shock you, as well which countries have Burger King, not no McDonalds

Which is better Burger King, or McDonalds?

I’ms sure a heck ton of people search for this term. So, what is better McDonalds, or Burger King?

I will quote my brother ron this, because I agree with his summary. If you like Burgers you prefer Burger King, if you like McDonalds you just like McDonalds. What does that mean? McDonalds is very unique, but when it comes to it Burger King make better burgers. At least that is the opinion of the Johnson brothers grim.

Which countries is Burger King in?
Burger King on top

Which is better a Big Mac, or a Whopper

Again refer to my previous comment! That being said now almost approaching a year without McDonalds I would go for a Big Mac in a heartbeat.

To play devils advocate we have posted a picture comparing the two!

Big Mac vs Whopper
Big Mac vs Whopper

What is the Burger King story?

Which came first McDonalds, or Burger King? McDonalds came first and I truly suggest watching the movie The Founder (link). There is a class bit at the end where Ray Kroc says how great the McDonalds name is. He then says “ I don’t like Burger this, or Burger that”. Clearly in reference to the goring competition of the time that was Burger King.

Burger King was founded in 1954 by tow friend who purchased a struggling chain called Insta-Burger. Since then it has gown into the behemoth it is today. In 2010 it was purchased by 3G Capital for just over $3.25 billion. Sometimes being number isn’t all that bad.

Which countries is Burger King In? How big is Burger King and how many countries is Burger King in?

How many countries is Burger King in? Burger King is in exactly 100 countries and territories. What does that mean? and what is a country I hear you ask!

To see what a country is click here .

But in short we count non-UN states like Bermuda. You cannot count Bermuda as  the UK, that is frankly silly. Over half of all Burger King stores are the US though.

Which is bigger McDonalds, or Burger King?

As expected McDonalds are in more countries than Burger King. McDonalds are in 117, with Burger King in 100. They both though come nowhere near KFC who are in a whopping 144 countries and territories.

There are though many countries that have Burger King, BUT no McDonalds. Heresy right! Well it usually boils down to business interests.

5 countries you can buy a Whopper, but no Big Mac

  1. Cambodia! I can duly confirm this as I live here. I have previously written about when McDonalds will come to Cambodia, which you can read about here. Rumour has it that a pretty big chap owns the BK franchise and that is why no McDonalds. We would not comment on that!
  2. The Cayman Islands. Another country I used to live in. Read about Bacchus Wine Bar here . There is already a McDonalds in Cayman serving Caymanian food. He is not selling, take that you clown!
  3. Ghana! A mainstay of KFC, there are rumors that McDonalds is banned here, but we have seen no evidence of this. They now though have a branch of Burger King, yet still no sign of McDonalds in Ghana.
  4. Tunisia. Tunisia has a KFC and a Burger King, but no Mcdonalds, nor any sign of one soon.
  5. Iraq! – There is one Burger King in Erbil, but kinda no Mcdonalds. There is a a franchisee called MaDonal , a cult like place that hopes to one day joint McDonalds fold.

Is there a Burger King in Australia?

I won’t go into great detail on this as I already have a Whopper of a blog about it (see what I did there). There were at one point Hungry Jacks and Burger King, with both of them actually being Burger King. Following a brief war they now live in harmony.

To read about the difference between Hungry Jacks and Burger King click here .

5 Countries that Have Burger King that might surprise you

  1. Cuba! OK clickbait. They have KFC, McDonalds and Burgr King at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. Cheating a bit, but what the hell.
  2. Venezuela – OK, so this is not a trick. Despite the Chavez years and all that socialism Burger King, McDonalds and KFC have stayed in Venezuela.
  3. Japan. Japan had Burger King, but it was a bike flunk, perhaps because of Lotteria (link). They have since come back and things are now doing ok in the far east.
  4. Afghanistan – OK, OK there is a Burger King at the IS Military base, hardly down town Kabul, but it counts OK.
  5. Myanmar – Formally a pariah state where you couldn’t buy anything. They then pretense to have elections and business got to move in. You can buy a Whopper in Yangon Yay democracy.

Burger King in the UK!

My one and only problem with Burger King! When I was kid I had a party at a fast food restaurant. The place was called Whimpy. Whimsy was the national franchise of the UK, but much like everything we sold them out.

Theres still a few Whimpy stores, but they were largely replaced by Burger King. Bastards. I will honor Whimpy with its own article in their memory.

Which countries do and don’t have Burger King

Conclusion on global Burger King!

So, if you are asked which countries is Burger King in? You can now answer! When you travel there is a decent chance you will be able to get a Burger King! But there is more chance you will get a McDonalds and bigger still a KFC.

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