Top Tuvalu Photos

Tuvalu might be the third least visited country on earth, but that does not mean it is not only extremely lovely but very photogenic. This January, I will be returning to Tuvalu as part of the 2019 Least Visited Countries Tour.

Here’s a collection of my all-time favourite photos from my first trip to Tuvalu. If you like them, why not come along and join the tour?

Also, be sure to check out the promo video at the end made by my partner in crime Justin Martell of Pioneer Media.

The picture might not be all that epic but the Street Food Guy made it into the hall of shame!

The airport doubles a recreation area on Funafuti. Here’s our group hanging out on the runway.

One day we rented a boat and went to a deserted island. There really isn’t a better way to spend a day in Tuvalu.

Took this photo to the north of Funafuti. Fairly proud of this photo.

Shipwreck on Funafuti! Nice bit of Urbex to be done here!

There was a storm brewing in Tuvalu that day!

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