The most popular candies in a selection of different countries

Even though many countries on earth tend to offer unique food and drink, people still can’t resist the urge to tuck into a sweet treat from time to time. In fact, when traveling by bus to an obscure location or during a walk around a new city, a kick from a sugary candy bar is needed at times.

Around the world, candy offerings usually vary too. There is one thing they tend to have in common, though, and that’s their popularity. People adore candy. Some candy lovers even get their favorite treat inked onto their skin, classic movies like Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory are still watched today, and gamers are playing Sweet Bonanza Dice, a fantastic sweet game by Pragmatic Play. Put simply, wherever you are on this glorious planet of ours, there are people with a sweet tooth and there is a go-to candy in that particular nation. With that in mind, let’s look at some of the most popular candies in a selection of different countries.

Kit Kat is Thailand’s favorite

A chocolate-covered wafer bar that is on offer in many nations on earth, Thailand’s people can’t seem to get enough of a Kit Kat bar. While Thailand’s chocolate consumption isn’t as high as other nations on earth, millions of Thai people turn to a Kit Kat when they’re in need of a delicious snack. Great marketing campaigns and the bar’s delicious taste has clearly contributed to the success of a brand that is also prominent in other nations, such as the UK.

Cadbury Dairy Milk is the UK’s favorite

Speaking of the UK, while Kit Kat is right up there, Cadbury Dairy Milk is the number one choice in the country. British chocolate is certainly creamier than many other countries in the world tend to offer, making this go-to delight a pleasure to sample. In 2014, Cadbury sold nearly $527 million of these delicious bars, while it’s also a go-to favorite in 2023, too. A richer and more milky bar than many American consumers are used to, for example, Cadbury Dairy Milk is a top tier candy bar.

Milka is Germany’s choice

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Germany is a nation that certainly knows how to do sweet delights, with a huge selection of mouth-watering treats originating from the nation. Nowadays, though, Germany is still championing the Milka brand, a company that originated in Berlin in 1901. The Milka name’s rise has been impressive, with the company going on to gross more than $730 million a year, year on year. A chocolate snack that can be broken off into small pieces or devoured with large bites at a time, Milka is an understandable choice.

Dove is huge in China

An American brand of chocolate owned and manufactured by Mars, Dove is China’s favorite candy. Although competition is strong, the chocolate treat has managed to continually stand out thanks to its lovely taste and eye-catching packaging. For Chinese consumers, Dove is a brand they know delivers in terms of taste.

The Lacta brand is Brazil’s preference

Bringing delicious chocolate treats to Brazil’s population for over 100 years, Lacta is a tried and trusted brand that Brazilians adore. People have been consuming the Lacta range from childhood right through to adulthood, with their wafers, bonbons, and chocolate bars going down a treat. If you’re ever in Brazil, then Lacta is a name you’ll become familiar with.

Other popular candies from a selection of different countries includes Ptasie Mleczko (Poland), Ghana Chocolates (South Korea), Cadbury Dairy Milk (India), Haribo (Denmark), Elite (Israel), Cadbury Dairy Milk (South Africa), Prince Polo (Iceland), and Alpen Gold (Russia).


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