5 Reasons to visit Tuvalu 

When it comes to favourite countries I am a little like art imitating life imitating art. I’m a bit of a slag. My promiscuity aside the gem of my eye are Tuvalu, and specifically the island capital of Funafuti. There are obviously many reasons I love Tuvalu, but I’ll kick off with anywhere that has a capital island instead of the city is pretty boss. 

As usual, I digress, but part of our trip to Tuvalu was so that we at Pioneer Media could contact some local government people and get our own footage for promotional stuff. We’ve just finished a great promotional video for why you should visit Tuvalu, which if you can get through my 5 reasons to visit Tuvalu you will be rewarded with a link for!

So, let’s put the Fun in Funafuti!

5) The airport runaway is a fricking playground

This is a country where the freaking airport runway doubles up as a road, AND where everyone plays every night. How cool is that? Try riding a motorbike down it, now that’s cool.

4) You can drive around Funafuti in under an hour

In Funafuti, you rent a bike and then drive around island! It takes less than an hour, and to give Tuvalu its credit it’s bloody beautiful.

3) They still recognize Taiwan

Yeah, so this is still a thing, Tuvalu is one of the few countries that recognize Taiwan, oh sorry the Republic of China. We went to the ambassador’s digs and had tea. Very civilized.

2) Island hopping in Tuvalu

Rent a boat and head to private atolls. Bring beer and food.

  1. It’s the 3rd least visited country in the world

There are only two countries in the world that get fewer visitors than Tuvalu, and one of them is Somalia. Do we need to really say anymore?

So, if you’ve got this far you may now watch our tourist video for Tuvalu! Wonder who the fat guy driving the motorbike through Tuvalu is? It’s The Street Food Guy!

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