Phnom Penh Zone System

Phnom Penh Zone system what does it mean? Phnom Penh has introduced a kind of traffic light system in order to make clear what people can and cannot do during lockdown.

Whilst lockdown has been necessary to prevent the spread of Covid-19, it has also been somewhat confusing with regards to what people can and cannot. The government have now announced a kind of traffic light/zone system to make things a bit clearer.

Phnom Penh has now been split into yellow, orange and red zones. Why no green you might ask? Because there really are no fully safe areas.

With that in mind we will try to explain the requirements for the traffic light system as best as possible.

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Phnom Penh Red Zones:

Citizen’s movement is fully prohibited, except the necessary movement;

– Markets, business activities and liquor stores shall be temporarily closed except those essential


– All gatherings that involve alcohol are strictly prohibited

Phnom Penh Orange/Dark Yellow Zones

Fall of Phnom Penh


– Citizen’s movement

– All work activities, businesses and occupations that are not essential

– Unnecessary gatherings

– Wet markets or places and high-risk places


– Necessary travelling (such as for work or to get food)

– Emergency activities.

– Leaving the DARK YELLOW ZONE and across the RED ZONE or to other geographies – We are really not clear exactly hat this one means….

Phnom Penh Yellow Zones

Lockdown in Cambodia


– School (both private and public vocational training), entertainment clubs, massage, liquor stores, cinemas, museums, and pretty much anything linked to entertainment

– Meetings of 10 people, or more

– Gatherings where people drink alcohol


– Every traffic in Yellow Zone

– All work activities, occupations and businesses

– Household gathering, funeral arrangements

Phnom Penh Zone System – all zones

The curfew from 8pm – 5am remains fully in affect. This is for everyone. Again there are caveats where you can travel, but the rules are strict.

Restaurants can still only offer take-aways services, bars are closed and the sale of alcohol is prohibited.

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How long will this go on for?

Well obviously no one knows fully and it will depend on how quickly infection starts to slow down. Phnom Penh Zones will thus likely change depending on the situation of the time.

For now, we just need to be patient and follow the rules.

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