Oil Filters Designed for Chevrolet Models

Not all oil filters are the same. Beyond the distinct truth in that statement, a quick comparison of Chevy oil filters proves the point. Each manufacturer designs its filters for specific operating conditions and performance specs. While you may feel overwhelmed shopping for your next replacement, this short guide can help you make sense of your options.

2011 Chevrolet Silverado 1500

You have many possible 2011 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 oil filter choices. One excellent example is the STP Extended Life S10060XL. This spin-on canister model contains synthetic resin media that captures contaminants throughout the filter’s lifespan. Designed for use with synthetic and conventional motor oils, the S10060XL delivers several benefits for your Silverado:

  • Up to 10,000 miles of engine protection, especially when paired with synthetic oils
  • 99% contaminant screening efficiency — captures particles measuring 20 microns or larger
  • Sealing gaskets with durable silicone to avert oxidation and perform in extreme temperatures between -80⁰ and 400⁰ Fahrenheit

The S10060XL contains sturdy materials to ensure long-lasting performance: a superior-grade pressed steel baseplate, precision threading that averts vibrational fatigue and a canister of 0.5mm steel to last under stressful conditions.

2002 Chevy Silverado 1500

Your preferred auto parts store’s 2002 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 oil filter selection should include the top-rated Mobil 1 M1-113A. Built with a sturdy heavy-duty canister, the M1-113A resists up to nine times typical vehicle oil system operating pressures and delivers solid performance for up to 20,000 miles. Some helpful design features keep your oil cleaner for the long haul:

  • Filters over 99% of particulates with its high-efficiency synthetic blend media
  • Anti-drain back valve to guard against dry starting
  • Augmented nitrile gasket with a flexible structure to inhibit oil leaks

Mobil tests each filter to ensure it provides the dependable performance your vehicle needs. Its M1-113A lasts up to twice as long as most manufacturers’ suggested oil change intervals.

2016 Chevrolet Cruze

Among many retailers’ 2016 Chevrolet Cruze oil filter options is the K&N High-Performance HP-1017. Compatible with conventional, synthetic and blended motor oils, the HP-1017 incorporates a synthetic-blend filtering material to screen out contaminants. Besides this innovative construction, the HP-1017 includes other notable features:

  • Durable exterior canister
  • Wrench-Off feature with welded one-inch hex nut for simple uninstallation
  • Pleated filtration media for increased surface area and higher flow rates
  • High-capacity design to last through suggested oil change intervals

K&N also laboratory tests each of its filters, including the HP-1017, to confirm it will deliver longevity, reliability and performance as guaranteed.

Other Models To Consider

You may notice that many of the same oil filters fit the Silverado truck and the Chevy Cruze models. ACDelco’s PF47E incorporates a smaller canister design with more interior filtration for optimal screening and boosted flow. Its construction also includes recyclable components: a steel shell, leaf spring and threaded plate assembly.

Where To Buy Your Oil Filter

Purchasing your oil filter involves more than selecting one that best meets your needs. Buying it at a trusted aftermarket auto parts and accessories store ensures that you get the best combination of quality, value and customer service.


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