Henhgeng II Seafoods

Henhgeng II Seafoods! So I like me some oysters, and I particularly like Cambodian oysters. Th eosyers are good, but there is a very unique way to eat oysters in Cambodia.

I say really unique, but it basically involves mixing them with some greens, adding fried onions and then some garlic sauce. I was previously a purest, I liked Tabasco and, or wasabi! But hey if it works it works.

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Khmer Oysters

So Hengheng II!

Well I didn’t know all that about it, other than it was selling cheap oysters. I fancied Oysters. I was also on a bit of an odyssey of delivering moonshine (link) from Jungle Cat (link) to Embargo Bar (link). Hengheng happened to be within 10 minutes walk of Embargo, so off I went.

As you might guess from the name of the restaurant it serves seafood, but also other Khmer classics like frog. Pretty much everywhere serves frog. I like frog.

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And as always it was the classic kind of Khmer Restaurant where they throw a bunch of drinks and condensate to your table and then you just get on with it. Amazingly they had cold beer, which meant I could avoid beer on ice.

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So to summarize on the restaurant?

One of the great things about Phnom Penh is the food, certainly at least in comparison to say Siem Reap, or the hipster hell hole that is Kampot. And this restaurant is pretty much just typical of the kind of fare you get here. And that means that it was largelly a pretty amazing and cheap seafood restaurant. Three beers, 20 oysters, a frog and squuid setting you back $15 is not a bad deal.

Overall, top job Henhgeng II Seafood’s. Oh and finally a shameless link to my new website.

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