Brand-New Fridge Vs Secondhand: Which Is Better For Your Restaurant?

When investing in a restaurant fridge, you might be torn between a brand-new or pre-owned unit. A refrigerator is a vital appliance in any food business. It has a significant impact on your restaurant operations.

Being extra careful in buying a fridge is crucial since you want to keep your ingredients and food products from spoiling. Additionally, a commercial fridge is one of the most expensive restaurant equipment.

Both brand-new and secondhand fridges are ideal investments, so long as the unit is in perfect working condition. While a brand-new fridge is preferable since it’s unlikely to have issues, a perfectly working secondhand fridge is also excellent, especially considering the cost savings.

This article outlines the benefits and drawbacks of brand new and second hand to help you find the perfect commercial fridge for your restaurant. Keep reading to make an informed decision.

Advantages Of A Brand-New Restaurant Fridge

Here are some of the benefits of investing in a new restaurant fridge:

  • Warranty

The best thing about purchasing a brand-new commercial fridge is that it comes with a warranty. A full warranty usually covers labor and parts, like the compressor and air-cooled condenser. On the other hand, a limited warranty includes specified parts but not labor.

With a warranty, you don’t have to worry about any malfunction if it falls within the warranty period. In this case, the manufacturer will shoulder the cost of repairs.

  • Energy Efficiency

Newer models of restaurant fridges are generally more energy-efficient compared to older models. Look for Energy Star-certified units and compare the energy consumption indicated in the EnergyGuide label to find the most efficient fridge.

Investing in a brand-new cooling unit is better for the environment while lowering your energy bill.

  • Less Maintenance

There are fewer maintenance concerns with a new commercial fridge. You don’t have to deal with costly repairs due to wear and tear after years of use.

As a result, you save money and run your food business unhampered by malfunctioning equipment. A fridge without maintenance issues can keep food fresh longer.

The above are compelling reasons to buy a brand-new fridge for your restaurant.

Disadvantages Of A Brand-New Restaurant Fridge

While new restaurant fridges come with significant benefits, they also present the following disadvantages:

  • High Upfront Costs

A brand-new commercial refrigerator typically comes with a high price tag. In addition, products of trusted brands known for high quality can be considerably more expensive than other brands.

It might not be feasible for you to get a brand-new fridge if you have a tight budget.

  • Depreciation

While you might not be planning to sell your newly acquired fridge anytime soon, it’s vital to remember that your business circumstances may change, and you might be forced to sell this appliance.

Unfortunately, a new fridge will depreciate quickly, resulting in money loss if you need to sell it.

Weigh these drawbacks before deciding to purchase a new fridge.

Advantages Of A Secondhand Restaurant Fridge

A secondhand commercial fridge in good working condition can be a reasonable alternative. If you’re considering investing in a used restaurant fridge, here are the benefits:

  • Cost Savings

The obvious benefit of investing in a pre-owned restaurant fridge is how much you can save. Since its value has depreciated, the price of a secondhand fridge is more affordable. Other factors affecting the value of a used refrigerator include the brand, cubic footage, condition, and original value.

Consider investing in a secondhand commercial fridge if you’re starting a food business with limited capital. However, ensure it’s working perfectly to avoid disappointments.

  • Classic Look

Investing in a pre-owned cooling appliance might be ideal if you’re after an older model with a classic look that suits your restaurant’s theme.

These two reasons, especially the cost savings, may convince you that purchasing a secondhand fridge is prudent.

Disadvantages Of A Secondhand Restaurant Fridge

Here are a couple of disadvantages associated with secondhand restaurant fridges:

  • Lack Of Warranty

Warranty is a significant consideration when purchasing appliances. If your secondhand fridge has no warranty, you’ll be responsible for part replacements and repairs if it breaks down. So, if you want to avoid costly fridge repairs, steer clear of pre-owned fridges.

  • Risk Of Short Circuits

Although you might buy a secondhand fridge from a trusted seller, they may not be aware of the appliance’s defects. For instance, a refrigerator with a malfunctioning compressor is a fire hazard that can put your team and business at risk.

Having an experienced technician thoroughly inspect the fridge before buying it is vital. Alternatively, go for dealers that certify reconditioned appliances after passing quality inspections.

You may have to consider these drawbacks before settling for a pre-owned commercial fridge.

Final Thoughts

A restaurant depends on a fully functioning fridge to keep food fresh and safe. Hence, a reliable cooling unit is crucial to its operations.

Investing in a brand-new or secondhand fridge has its corresponding pros and cons. Carefully weigh the benefits and drawbacks of these two options to make the right decision for your restaurant.



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