The best Sushi in Siem Reap 2022

Where is the beet sushi in Siem Reap in 2022? 2020 was not the best of years for Siem Reap, well it was hardly great for anyone to be fair, and 2021? Really not much better either. Siem Reap though has had a really bad time of things, but thankfully now looks less like Beirut an actual city.

In fairness it makes sense to renovate when no tourists are in town, but this does not make it easy for those that live there – I will add that I overmuch no longer live there partly for this reason. I was though to end up here watching Angkor Tiger FC and staying at Star Bar .

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Where can you eat in Siem Reap?

There are still a lot of good laces open, but sadly there is also a hell of a lot of great places that have now closed down. The list of the departed is sadly far greater than the list of the still here. That being said I did see the new Jungle Bar location.

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And pub street? Do not even get me started on Pun Street – on a plus point at least Picasso has left SR…..

The Best Sushi in Siem Reap 2022

So, for our second night in Siem Reap the owners of Star Bar invited us to sushi, for me at least a red rag to a bull – not that PP does not have good sushi of course, it certainly does.

We headed to the not so imaginatively titled Sushi Bar, which sits just behind the nearly dead Sok San Road.

You can read about the old Sok San Road here . Sushi Bar is just that, a bar, there are of course tables, but the main point is to sit around the bar and have your food served to you. For some reason there is a smoky air to the venue, probably due to the location of the kitchen, but I at least enjoyed it.

How about the food

What is on the menu at Sushi Bar Siem Reap?

A good whole heap of stuff I am happy to say, Miso soup, beef tataki and many other classic Japanese dishes – I did not see if bukkake was on the menu…

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The main  thing they offered that caught my eye was a $10 set meal that came with a bunch of sushi, a soup, California rolls, a free drink and great wasabi. On Mondays it was even 20 percent off, so this beast cost a mere $8. By the end I had probably dropped 25, but had I been anywhere else on the planet it would have cost more.

Is it the best sushi in Siem Reap?

Quite the hard question to ask, particularly as Siem Reap is now almost back to normal. It is though a place that does not let you down and where you get the best value sushi nosh in 2022!

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