Atlas Restaurant – comfort food in Kampot

Atlas Restaurant had not been on my radar during my numerous trips to Kampot, but after a botched trip to Kep I was suggested Atlas Restaurant as the best place to dine in the city. We do not like to throw around the best restaurant in Kampot wildly, so decided to go check it out.

A failed trip to Kep

Actually it was not a failed trip, it was successful as I went to see a house and saw a house.. Said house was in the boonies of Kep, although I did meet an Aussie guy living out there. I think with all things considered i’d live out the middle of nowhere in Kep.

Check out the photos of this house, its going for $300 a month and if you like it get in touch. It’s 6 miles from Kep Town and 21 from Kampot. There’s one shop and the Aussie next door has a BBQ every night, unless it rains.

House in Kep

After looking at the house it was decided Kampot would make a better place to drink than Kep, so we were on the road.

The wonder of Onederz

I once stayed at Kool Kampot, then I moved to staying at Vibola Guesthouse due to the pool, they then closed which led me to Onederz. It costs $15 a night and it has a pool, this is the best hotel in Kampot for the money bar none.

After poolside drinks we headed out for dinner with our French pal assuring us that Atlas Restaurant was one of the best in town.

The Atlas Restaurant Kampot vibe

Small with an outdoor and indoor seating area and with tourism as it is right now we were the only ones there, not a problem for our very welcoming host.

The menu consisted of a slew of comfort foods like beef stew and the like. It also had a fabulous selection of appetizers, so we delved right in. Tapenade, beetroot and hummus were served up with mountains of good bread. We also ordered a Salmon tartare, although were assured it was cured rather than raw.

Overall a very successful stop and in my mind at least a great place for a mixture of fine starters with a few drinks, before you head out for Kampot party vibes.

We duly ended up at Happy Pizza, the first restaurant I ever went to in Kampot back at the start of the virus – remember those days.

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Happy Pizza Kampot still make the best value blue cheese steak in the city…

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