6 Tasty Meals That Can Be Delivered To Your Door

A Guide To Delivery-Proof Dishes

There are always times when you are running late or too exhausted to cook or have unexpected guests over to meet you. At such times you automatically reach out for food delivery services. Some foods are synonymous with delivery. You immediately think of ordering a pizza, Chinese food, or Italian pasta. The reason these few dishes are most often reached is that they stay delicious and can be enjoyed even after they are delivered to you from the other side of the town. Furthermore, they can be reheated easily.

However, not all foods can be enjoyed after a while. In fact, some of them reach you in a soggy state as they are victims of temperature changes, delivery shake-ups, and so on. Below mentioned are the types of 6 tasty meals that can be delivered to your door without any compromises to their taste, smell, or appearance.

A Healthy Salad

The salads at restaurants can rarely match up to those that you cook at home. The only problem is that when you want it delivered to your place or office, the dressing tossed inside the salad will cause havoc to the veggies and they will end up very soggy. To make sure that you don’t have to encounter this, go for a Thai salad like som Tum as these salads use ingredients that need to be marinated in the sauce so when the delivery guys take time then your salad will actually get more enhanced in flavor.

Chicken/Meat Sandwich

One can also have a nice portion of the good old chicken sandwich. The beauty of a chicken sandwich lies in the crispy hot fried chicken served with cold spread or vegetables. When you order this as a delivery item, the combination of the temperature will make the sandwich end up in a soggy mess. The best alternative to this is to order a pasty like those from properpasty.com.uk/pasties-by-post wherein you can choose different fillings. This way you satisfy your urge to have a good snack that stays intact in condition. You can even take them to work with as they can be stored for a longer period and can be easily reheated.

Cold Cut Sandwich

When you think of a cold-cut sandwich, as an Italian classic then you must know that there are many things that can go wrong. The tomatoes, pickles, and other wet items will turn the whole sandwich into one gooey mess. Instead, you can order a hot sandwich like a chicken sub that can face the temperature change while it is being delivered. It can easily be reheated in the oven to resume its crispiness.

A Burrito

The craving for Mexican food especially a nice burrito with all the fillings can be overwhelming at times. The ingredients can meld together if the delivery is slow or you don’t consume it immediately. So instead of a burrito, go for a burrito bowl. This way you are ensured that you get all the good flavors in one place while the bowl holds everything together.

French Fries

When it comes to comfort food, there’s always a plate of french fries that one can reach out to. If you like your french fries soft then it is alright to order them for delivery. The steam inside the container makes the fries go limp. If you want more crispy fries then you should order chips instead. In fact, you can order  any other side like mashed potato, baked potato, and so on as they will not change texture or taste.

Eggs Benedict

Eggs are one type of food that can be eaten at any time of the day. With so many variations, you can always find something that will satisfy your taste buds. While you may see a beautifully laid out Instagram-friendly picture of eggs benedict and be craving for the same, do not do so. If the box shifts even slightly during the delivery that egg yolk will stain the whole box like a boomerang. A safer option is to order a breakfast sandwich or just the plain old omelet. These are made in such a way that they will stay together during their travel to you.

6 Tasty Meals That Can Be Delivered To Your Door
Eggs Benedict

The above food items will reach you safely so that you can enjoy your meal without sacrificing the taste or structure. One way to make sure that you always get good and tasty food delivered to your house is to keep the menus and numbers handy. You can make your own little menu at home so that you have your top few dishes that can be delivered handily.

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