Best Western -Causeway Bay

The Hong Kong protests, and now coronavirus have really kicked Hong Kong in the nuts when it comes to tourism, but i’m a glass half full kinda guy, and let me tell you, hotekd are crazy cheap right now.

The Best Western, Causeway Bay has been my hotel of choice for a while now. It’s near some great street food, it’s part of the Western Group, and it’s near the crazy bar district if Wan Chai.

Ever heard of a Wan Chai Sunday? Well it’s where all the domestic helpers get a day off and go party, it’s very much a thing.

The hotel itself is not all that special, the rooms are small by most countries standards (still better than Chunking Mansions though), but it’s a classic Best Western, so clean and functional.

Now here’s the kicker! Rooms right now that would usually cost $100-150 are going for 20 USD. I declare that quite the bargain! With a suite coasting the price of what a regular room usually does. I was once randomly upgraded to suite, something that alas has not happened since.

If you like Hong Kong nightlife, this is very much ground zero, it’s not under lockdown like China, and everything is cheap right now. Visit Hong Kong (if you’re dare)!

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