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Weird Chinese Snacks – Shenzhen

Snack foods around the world are a staple, and obviously, China is no different. But where most of the world tends to be pretty standard on things. In China ( at least by western standards things are a little bit weird beard).

Chicken feet, congealed bits of pork, pickled peppers, and nuts that have no earthly seat of origin all coming up as available. I’ve decided that this will be a little series of mine, with today’s starting gambit being what weird stuff we can buy, and try in Shenzhen, which at least should (in theory) have a slightly less weird more cosmopolitan feel to things, but still if nothing else, a little interesting.

Stop 1 – Spicy Bamboo shoots

I’m not sure if anyone, but China embraces the bamboo shoot as a food source, but I do like bamboo shoots in Chinese meals.

This snack variety is a lot softer than you would usually get in a meal, is mildly spicy and makes a good accompaniment to my beer or Choice Pabst Blue Ribbon (more on that later)

Stop 2 – The Quayle egg (in shell)

I’s never even really knew the Quayle egg was a thing until I came to China, but its in a lot of dishes, can be purchased in my most markets and does its thing on the snack circuit. These snacks come in shell, which you’re supposed to eat with shell. Not awful, but my western bias does struggle with eating of shell.

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Stop 3 – Topokki Snack

Not really sure what this is, but its Korean, so in China means its cool. A kind of crips/chip deep fried in a BBQ/sweet sauce. Does a job, but hardly a game changer.

Step 4 – Calcium candy?

I actually eat these quite a lot, as they are cheap and being calcium I guess are good for you. A kind of cheap Chinese version of candy with health benefits.

Step 5 – Pabst Blue Ribbon

I’ll do another article of this bad boy later, but whilst this is seen as the Chav drink in America in the last 5 years (particularly in Dongbei), PBR has become “the drink”. Cheap and cheerful, and because it’s American deliciousness middle class by Chinese standards. I will be writing about the PBR phenomenon later!

Step 6 – Gummy Big Franks

A Chinese candy shaped like a hot dog. I’m seeing perhaps an American influence here. Its no Haribo, but job well and truly done

Not the craziest of Chinese snacks, but an interesting selection to see what can be purchased even in a fairly cosmopolitan city like Shenzhen. Now you wait until we get to the snacks of the countryside of China

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