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Unusual Places To Eat In Vegas

Unusual Places To Eat In Vegas
Unusual Places To Eat In Vegas

Las Vegas is one of those cities that everyone around the globe will have heard of for one reason or another. It’s one of the most popular destinations even for people who live in the US, and it’s undoubtedly on a hell of a lot of bucket lists. One of the reasons for this is that there is so much to see, do and, more importantly, eat.

We’re going to start by highlighting that Las Vegas, Nevada is the gambling mecca for anyone who doesn’t know. Most people head to Sin City to enjoy casino gaming at its best. And, while they’re there, thanks to the partnerships blossoming with many established sites, it’s led to trademarked versions of content such as Blackjack games, which means punters can keep playing when they’re back at their hotel or out and about exploring.

So, while gambling, shows, and the nightlife take centre stage, there is another massive attraction in Vegas, and that’s the food that is served up. And, there are multiple venues that many will describe as unusual littered around the city. But, let’s face it, they’re going to be more enjoyable than hitting fast-food joints, like McDonalds.

Have you ever been to one country and then felt like you’re in another? Well, we can assure you that while you’re in Las Vegas, you’re most certainly in the US, but the Eiffel Tower Restaurant will undoubtedly confuse you for a second. Guests can dine in the replica version of the famous Parisian landmark 110-feet in the air, enjoying French cuisine from award-winning chef Jean Joho.

You’re high above the infamous Las Vegas Strip in one restaurant, and in the next, you could be watching real-life mermaids swim past as you enjoy some great food. Yes, you heard us right. Inside the Silverton Casino, Mermaid Lounge is a dining experience like no other, as a 117,000-gallon aquarium comes with live mermaids, thousands of tropical fish, stingrays, and sharks. So, sit back, enjoy a juicy burger and some cheesecake for afters, and enjoy the ambience.

Most people who visit or think of the Las Vegas Strip imagine it as it is now. And that’s fine. But, before it became how everyone sees it today, you could argue it was somewhat different. If only there was a way to turn back the clock a few decades. Time travel isn’t necessarily possible, but Peppermill, which opened its doors on Boxing Day in 1972, remains “an iconic reminder of the Vegas Strip the way it used to be.”

So, for anyone who wants to roll back the years, visiting The Peppermill Restaurant and Fireside Lounge is the way to go, where hearty dishes and massive portions are on the menu. The Fireside Lounge is open 24/7, too, and many famous faces are known to frequent the venue that takes you back to ‘old Vegas.’ It’s just another of those exceptional but unusual places to check out in one of the world’s best cities.

Written by Colin Thompson

Colin Thomson is living proof that the Soviet Union lives forever. He drives a Lada.

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