This isn’t SARS

Every day i go to bed hoping that the next days news will be of a cheerier nature, but everyday i seem to be disappointed.

As things currently stand there’s (officially) under 3000 people with the virus and (only) around 60 deaths.

No deaths have (yet) occurred outside China, which whilst it might sound good, might also well mean that there’s. a weaker strain of the virus that travels largely undetected. Tvis could mean many mire than we think currently have the virus, and this it’s acceleration will do just that, accelerate.

An estimate by Professor Neil Ferguson of the UK Imperial College estimates actual cases to be around 30k-100k (a huge margin of error i realise), and that people have a 2.5 ratio of passing on the illness. That means that every person infects 2.5 people. An estimated 5 million people fled Wuhan before it went under martial law. Let that sink in a moment.

The major difference though between coronavirus and SARS was that people with SARS showed signs of being visibly sick, people with coronavirus do not.

My own predictions, much those of everyone out there change by the day, but suffice to say i’ll be steering clear of street food for a while..

Hopefully it all gets better, worst case scenario, martial law.

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