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Surviving quarantine during coronavirus

I genuinely take no more pleasure in seeing how badly European countries are dealing with COVID-19, or as we called it in the old days, coronavirus.

I am though a hat at quarantine, and surviving during the main outbreaks. I also get a lot of site hits from the scared and clueless out there, so here’s a firm helpful guide.

Eating during coronavirus

I’ll split this one into a few different portions! As there are a few questions that fit with this one.

Can I get coronavirus from food?

No you can’t. You cannot catch coronavirus from food.

Can you eat fast food during coronavirus?

KFC and notably Burger King are staying open in the UK, and particularly if you’re doing drive through it’s a safer bet than just sitting in a restaurant. It’s less safe for fast-food workers to be fair. It’s also better to eat with cutlery and avoid touching your face.

Street food during coronavirus?

Similar to fast food, and if you want to keep to the rules of social distancing get it to take way rather than in food halls, or surrounded by people. Eat with utensils to avoid contact with the face.

What can you cook during coronavirus?

In some respects anything you like, but for a short time at least avoid perishables, or rather start by cooking anything at risk of going off before moving to the long lasting stuff. Toilet paper won’t save you from coronavirus.

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Respect the rules

In China we had these rules legally enforced, whichever country you are from you are not “more special” than others. There’s a reason China recovered so quickly.

Don’t be that guy/girl

Don’t panic buy, don’t be the rebel without a cause, ignorance will kill people. This also means wear a face mask. What are people’s problem in the west with wearing a face mask?

Think about who you vote for

Look at how you vote in elections based on how your government deals with this. For example the UK government have acted phenomenally bad and “herd immunity” is synonymous with “culling the herd”. Let that sink in for a minute.

And just try and be nice people, be nice, and we might just get through this.

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