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Street Food Nuku’alofa (Tonga)

Nuku’alofa might not be a name that exactly rolls of the tongue, but it’s damned cool place, in a damned cool country, the Kingdom of Tonga .

And street food-wise, Nuku’alofa had me in abject heaven. Now, what has massively surprised me during this jaunt around the islands of the pacific has been just how different the places have been. Many an island (I’m talking to you Nauru) seem yet to discover capitalism, whilst others such as Tonga have embraced it in a big way! Basically people seem to be selling their wares on every available. Clothes, fruit vegetables, and of course street food. On our last day, I was determined to get me some!

My first dalliance was of the sweet variety when I saw a woman and a kid on the side of the road selling stuff in tin foil. Assuming it to be either meat or crack I stopped the car. Turns out it was neither, but in fact, glutinous taro soaked in syrup. Sickly sweet, but fairly glad I tried it at least.

Despite having now had desert I decided to mess with the laws of physics by now having my main course. We stopped at another pop-up roadside affair where they were selling clothes, toasters, and BBQ chicken with salad. The chicken was not only cooked perfectly, but came with lashings of hot sauce, and a solitary hot-dog, that whilst it probably shouldn’t have been there complimented the meal. When it comes to the salad I usually fall into the “you don’t make friends with it” variety, but this one came with a huge bit of boiled cassava, that if I imagined hard enough could have passed as a potato.

Street food tonga, and Nuku’alofa a confirmed success, now depending on what happens with the typhoon, I might get to try dog…

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